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When We Are Married

What? How? Why? Who?

The choice for a forthcoming production is a vital but, nevertheless, difficult one to make. In choosing J.B. Priestley's classic "When We Are Married" as our play for May this year, we took a number of different factors into consideration.
Initially we were torn between doing another play or a musical production. An opportunity presented itself to put on something really different of a musical nature, but circumstances have meant our plans had to be shelved just for the time being. So, we settled on a play - but what type of play and which one?
We opted for comedy, as our feeling is that this is what you, our audiences, prefer   We also had a number of Members looking for an opportunity to get on stage, many of them for the first time in a solo role. The answer as to choose a play with a relatively large cast. Additionally, we wanted to do a quite different type of comedy than we have attempted before - something with real quality and with thoroughly rounded and interesting characters.  A period piece would also give our stage crew, props and wardrobe a few new problems to grapple with. The other factor influencing our decision was the predominance of older Members amongst our potential cast. All in all, "When We Are Married", first performed in 1938, seemed to meet our criteria.

John A. Booth was persuaded to take on the part of Ormonroyd as well as directing the play, repeating the dual role he performed some years ago in professional theatre in UK. This, in fact, will be the third time he has portrayed the tiddly photographer. There are some more familiar faces amongst the rest of the cast, but also some new ones.
For Phil Anderson (Gerald Forbes) this is a very first venture onto the stage. Ray Baker (Rev. Mercer), Bill Parsons (Fred Dyson) and Colin Worrall (Herbert Soppitt) are all more familiar with chorus and backstage work. Also coming out of our chorus are Hazel Worrall as Mrs Northrop and Jean Martin as Annie Parker.We congratulate all of them for being prepared to have a go and we wish them every success.
Thank you very much for your invaluable support.

A Yorkshire Comedy by J.B. Priestley

Directed by

order of appearance

Ruby Birtle

Elaine A. Farrow

Gerald Forbes
Phillip Anderson
Mrs Northrop
Hazel Worrall
Nancy Holmes
Lisa Love
Fred Dyson
Bill Parsons
Henry Ormonroyd
John A. Booth
Alderman Joseph Helliwell
Graham B. Chadwick
Maria Helliwell
Candida Wright
Councillor Albert Parker
Rick Rosewell
Herbert Soppitt
Colin Worrall
Clara Soppitt
Margaret Cordery
Annie Parker
Jean Martin
Lottie Grady
Linda Chadwick
Rev. Clement Mercer
Ray Baker
Stage Manager

Bill Parsons

Assistant Stage Manager
Terry Farrow
Set Construction
Mick Banks, Roy Martin, Terry Farrow
Set Decoration
Brian Denton
John Miller, Lynne Parsons
Ann Hosking
Wardrobe Mistress
Elaine A. Farrow
Wardrobe Assistants
Jenny Roberts, Vicki Banks, Hazel Worrall, June A. Booth
Sound Control
Brian Hight
Lighting Control
Raymond Davis
Front of House Manager
June A. Booth
Catering Manager
Norman Hall
Box Office Ticket Sales
Pat Betts, Jeanne Maskell
Graham B. Chadwick
Programme Advertising Sales
Alan Brett, Richard McEnery, Pete Hosking, Graham B. Chadwick
Advertising, Press & PR
Alan Brett, Pamela Dawson Tasker
Theatre Cleaning Supervisor
Sue Dearson
Front of House Staff
Olive Baker, Jean Barber, Shirley Barratt, Ben Bloch,Sylvia Hight, Pete Hosking, Sylvia Kent, Terry Kent, Angela McAdam, Richard McEnery, Sylvia McEnery, David Orchard, Gill Orchard, Ann Rosewell, Debbie Rowbotham, Pamela Simon, Vicente Simon, Viveca Ulf-Hansen

Candida Wright

The Helliwells

Graham B. Chadwick


Rick Rosewell

The Parkers
Jean Martin
Margaret Cordery
The Soppitts
Colin Worrall
Phil Anderson
(Gerald Forbes)
The Youngsters
Lisa Love
(Nancy Holmes)
Elaine A. Farrow
(Ruby Birtle)
The Staff
Hazel Worrall
(Mrs Northrop)
John A. Booth
(Henry Ormonroyd)
"Yorkshire Argus"
Bill Parsons
(Fred Dyson)
Linda Chadwick
(Lottie Grady)
The Visitors
Ray Baker
(Rev. Mercer)

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