Careline Theatre Alcalali

Treasure Island

By Jim Sperinck

Script by Jim Sperinck
(By arrangement with Japser Publishing Ltd.)

The entire production Directed by Candy Wright


Aunt Sally Forth - Dame

Jack - Her Son
Mary - Her Daughter
Long John Silver
Jolly Roger] Silver's Sloppy
Blind Pugh  ] lieutenants
Squire Trelawney -Local Squire
Doctor Livesey - Local Doctor
Jim Hawkins - Principal Boy
Israel Hands] Two more
Ben Davies, Kristie Tanner
Benn Gunn ] Sailors
Tom Francis, Joseph Lewis
Spot - Mary's dog
Junior Sailors/Lost Pirates

Stage Director

Candy Wright

Stage Manager

Lee Walker


David Smethurst, Sylvia Johnson

Props Manufacturer

Andy Crabb

Lighting Board Operator

Desmond Webb

Stage Staff & Scenery Construction

John Pollitt, Robin Baxter, George King, Barry Long, Dave Henderson, Richard McEnery, Betty & Ron Tyler

Scenic Decoration

Sue Holley, Brian Denton


Lesley Ballam

Costume Design

Elaine Farrow, June A. Booth, Candy Wright

Wardrobe Department

Anne Atkinson, Elaine Farrow, Jan Walker, Sheila Horrox, Patricia French, Candy Wright

Principal wigs & hair

Elaine Farrow

Dressers & Backstage Assistants

Karen Avery, Debbie Dicker, Jackie Griffiths, Anne Rosewell, Margaret Tanner, Rachel Wright

Dance Répetiteuse

Sue Holley

Front of House Manager

Colin Worrall

Front of House Staff

Jean & Norman Smith, Jean & Roy Martin, Helen Baxter, Stuart Wishart, Mary King, Gabby Brooks, Bill & Lynn Parsons, Janet Jones, Sandra King, Vivien Drawbridge

Bar Management & Staff

Denis & Beryl King, Hazel Worrall

Box Office Ticket Sales

Shirley Barrett


Candy Wright, Eric Taylor


Elaine Farrow

Emily Jane Beament - 'Mary'

From the age of 6 Emily has been singing, dancing, acting, and playing the piano. Her dancing skills include tap, modern and ballet. When she was 12 she acted alongside a professional cast in the Hereford Courtyard Theatre in "The Sound of Music" This year she played in "Peter Pan" and for the BBC's "Children in Need" at Benidorm Palace. The multi-talented Emily also enjoys swimming, running, basketball and netball. Her ambition is to be a professional singer, actor and dancer. When you see her perform tonight, I think you will agree with us that she stands a great chance of achieving her goal! A new member to Careline, Emily is only 13 years old!

Olivia Dicker - 'Jim Hawkins'

Olivia is another new member of Careline Theatre and we are very proud to have her "on board!" She was born in West Sussex 12 years ago, - yes, she's only 12 years old! She starred in various roles in primary school productions, and you will see by her performance in "Treasure Island" that their loss is our gain! She now lives in Calpe and attends the Lady Elizabeth Secondary School in Lliber. Welcome to Careline Olivia!

Candy Wright - 'Captain Long John Silver'

Candy has appeared in countless productions with Castle Theatre and Careline. Her favourite with us to date was as the gum-chewing 'Sylvia' in our very successful "Stepping Out" Candy is a stalwart of Careline Theatre Group and this production sees her playing a very convincing 'Long John Silver' ah-ha! Pieces of eight! She has also directed this production and the cast have found her a pleasure to work for.

Rick Rosewell - 'Sally Forth'

Rick has played, the Good, the Bad and he's certainly played, the Ugly!!, but he is most loved as, the Dame. From his earlier years in life as a "Butlins Redcoat", with his deep mellow voice, he probably never imagined he would end up in "Skirts", playing numerous Dame's in Panto. Rick has an amazing ability to be first to learn his lines whilst replacing his rib, which pops out occasionally, and suffer the cold of winter rehearsals; he is a great credit to Careline Theatre.

Brenda Smethurst - 'Jack'

Brenda Smethurst (formerly Cook) has been a Careline member from its inception, performing in 10 productions to date. Her favourite role was that of Maxine in "Stepping Out" An ex-Butlins Redcoat, Brenda is no stranger to the stage (it shows!) And since marrying this year she has formed her own Karaoke road show aptly named "Pantomime" Her Grandmother's brother was Jack Holbert of Music Hall fame, so it's in her blood! A great comedy actress-as you will see, and a great asset to Careline Theatre.

Brenda Taylor - 'Jolly Roger'

Previously seen as Cinderella's wicked stepmother, a bossy woman, and the indomitable Phoebe Reece of Farndale Avenue - another bossy woman! For her second foray into Pantomime she is masquerading as Jolly Roger- a bossy man! She says she can't sing or dance (make your own mind up) and insists she is not a bossy person!

Elaine Farrow - 'Blind Pugh'

Last seen acting the "Goose", previously the front end of a "Cow"!! Elaine has played a wide variety of characters in Careline Theatre productions, including a butler & a colonel in a hilarious Farndale comedy. One would have to say, Comedy, is her forte, as you will see in this panto where she portrays one of Silver's sloppy lieutenants, although she packs a good singing voice too!!­

Ian Coleman - 'Squire Trelawney'

Ian is a new member of Careline Theatre, but has been on stage before when he was at school, mainly Shakespeare productions and some light comedy roles. He has also been performing for many years as a semi-professional musician, and is currently rehearsing with a new 5-piece band in the valley. Ian has lived in the area for 4 years. Welcome to Careline Ian!

Bill Kent - 'Doctor Livesey'

Bill has acted in amateur theatre for over 40 years, starting whilst a fighter pilot in the RAF. His greatest love is farce - who could forget his hilarious performance in our last play "Caught in the Net" In "Treasure island" he plays a rather deaf doctor stupidly well! This will be Bill's third appearance for Careline and if we have anything to do with it, it certainly won't be his last! He says that life is too serious to be taken seriously! And so say all of us Bill!

Georgia May Wright - 'Spot the Dog'

Georgia, 12 years old, first started performing at the age of 5 in a ballet show in Barnes. At the age of 7 she was in a dance show doing modern jazz and classical ballet. In September 2004 she started tap classes and showed off her dancing skills in "42nd Street" at Ondara Theatre. Last year she played Jane in "Mary Poppins" at the Xabia International College. Georgia is yet another new member to Careline this year, and we are very proud to have her playing her first role with us as "Spot the Dog" Welcome Georgia!

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