Careline Theatre Alcalali

A Tomb with a View

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

By Norman Robbins

Directed by Dennis Arthurs

Dorothy Fish

Director’s comment

In a sinister old library, a dusty lawyer reads the will, presided over by the portrait of a grim-faced, mad-eyed, old man, and a sinister - looking family; one member has werewolf tendencies, another thinks he is Julius Caesar, a third is a gentle, elderly lady who plants more than seeds in her flower garden.

By the third act there are more corpses than live members left in the cast: and what about the sympathetic nurse and the author of romantic novels - are they all, or more, than they seem to be? Our rehearsals have twisted and turned and now the play is reaching its surprising conclusion.


Hamilton Penworthy:
Tony Lawley
Lucian Tomb:
Neil Carter
Dora Tomb:
Brenda Taylor
Emily Tomb:
Linda Arthurs
Marcus Tomb:
Andy Crabb
Anne Franklin:
Leigh Patterson
Agatha Hammond:
Freda Clague
Freda Mountjoy:
Toni Dean
Peregrine (Perry) Potter:
Robin Baxter
Monica Tomb:
Candy Wright
Oliver Tomb:
A werewolf

Directors Assistant

Jim Sissons

Stage Manager Sonia Crabb
Properties Sylvia Johnson, Andy Crabb
Costumes Janet Walker
Sound & Lighting Desmond Webb
Music & Sound Effects Roger Dean
Set Design and Construction John Pollitt, Bill Parsons
Robin Baxter, Alan Gill
Dave Henderson, Vernon
Pearce, Caryl Patterson
Cohn Worrall, Lee Walker
Chris Moore, Mike Wadsworth
Scenic Decoration Brian Denton
Chris Moore
Prompt Lynne Parsons
Front of House Manager Gill Ward
Front Of House Staff Peter Clague, Pat Gray
Ann Martyr, Derek Martyr
Elaine Farrow, Jean Turner
Dave Williams, Sandra Williams
Janet Walker, Hazel Worrall
Bar Management & Staff Jennie & Keith Hart
George King
Box Office Ticket Sales Shirley Barrett, Candy Wright
Publicity Bernard King
Programme Elaine Farrow, Candy Wright

Tony Lawley - Hamilton Penworthy

Tony Lawley — ‘Herman the Huntsman’ In a variety of Careline productions - Mother Goose, Caught In the Net, Sleeping Beauty, Allo Allo, Red Riding Rood, and Snow White - Tonys characters have generally been (inexplicably) a bit dim but essentially possessing a heart of gold. By way of contrast he now looks forward to the challenge of the role of the decidedly dodgy, family solicitor “Penworthy”.
Neil Carter - Lucien Tomb
Neil CarterNeil Carter has changed his dress after appearing as last year’s ‘Nursey’ in Snow White and donned a pair of bossy boy pants! Previous to coming to Spain, Neil had experience performing in the UK in plays and musicals. For this production, he has enjoyed the contrast from the panto’s simpering Dame to Mr Nasty Boy, “Lucien”, but is greatly looking forward to climbing back into skirts again for next year’s Beauty and the Beast.
Brenda Taylor - Dora Tomb
Brenda TaylorAfter various roles for Careline, usually those involving fairly dominating characters, she is delighted to have been chosen to play Dotty Dora and has thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing with such a talented cast and director. Weve had some fun!! Brenda does not make wine, just enjoys drinking it, has no great horticultural ambitions, but is very happy with her pot plants!
Linda Arthurs - Emily Tomb
Linda ArthursSince her Careline debut in 2006 as the well meaning “Fliss” in Bazaar & Rummage, Linda has acted in many productions, most recently as Mrs Fox” in Dad’s Army and the “Slave of the Mirror” in Snow White. She sincerely hopes that no one will think she is type cast as that foul-mouthed bitch’, “Emily”, in this production, a departure from her usual roles.
Leigh Patterson - Nurse Anne Franklin
Leigh PattersonLeigh has been a member of Careline theatre for almost three years now, taking part in several productions both onstage and behind the scenes including Allo ‘Allo and the last two Pantos. Last year she was the wonderful “Hagwort, the Troll”, in Snow White. Leigh lives in Gata de Gorgos and works as a Podiatrist The Foot Angel in Jávea. She believes that she ranks fourth in her family after her husband Caryl, Cornish Rex Cat Red’ and Caryl’s motorbike. Obviously a woman who knows her place or not.
Freda Clague - Agatha Hammond
Freda ClagueFreda was introduced to the amateur theatre many years ago when she acted and sang in Gilbert & Sullivan productions. G & S is still a firm favourite. Over the years she has acted in a variety of roles, the last one being with Careline at the Drama Festival at Monte Pego when she played dippy “Joyce” in Last Tango in Little Grimley. The sinister and haughty “Agatha” in Tomb With a View is just the type of character part Freda enjoys.
Toni Dean - Freda Mountjoy
Toni DeanToni began her career as a singer in a band around the clubs in the South East of England, and went on to join the local light operatic society and performed in many productions of Gilbert & Sullivan as well as various other musicals. After moving to Spain in 2003 Toni joined a musical review company which performed at Benidorm Palace and other venues around the Costa Blanca region before turning her interests to straight acting. Welcome to Careline, Toni!
Robin Baxter - Peregrine (Perry) Potter
Robin BaxterRobin joined Careline in 2002, working back-stage, front-of-house or anywhere that did not involve actually appearing on the stage. Unable to resist the lure of the spotlights and with the help and support of other Careline members he took on his first major part as Pike in Dads Army. He then tried his hand at pantomime, appearing as Muddles’ in Snow White. “Perry” is a very challenging role and Robin has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Candy Wright - Monica Tomb
Candy WrightAfter years of playing comedy and panto, Candy has finally been given a chance to sink her teeth into a serious part. Fortunately they lied... Candy has had great fun creating her character of the naughty “Monica” for this production and hopes you darlings will join her after at the bar for a sherry or two!
Andy Crabb - Marcus Tomb
Andy CrabbIt is obvious from the outset that “Marcus” is as nutty as a fruitcake and should be in an institution in the care of those nice men in white coats, instead of being ridiculed by his dysfunctional and ghoulish siblings. Director Dennis Arthurs has asked me not to detract from the dialogue by gibbering, cackling, dribbling, drooling, making incoherent noises or laughing manically. That’s a pity: those are the only aspects of drama that I’m remotely good at!

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