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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

By John Morley

Directed by Dorothy Fish

Dorothy Fish



Snow White
Natasha Lakin
Dora Dumpling, her Nurse
Neil Carter
Prince Launcelot
Nick Wilson
Queen Evilena of Murania
Candida Wright
Muddles, the Palace Footman
Robin Baxter
Marmeduke, Chamberlain
Andy Crabb
Herman the Huntsman
Tony Lawley
Hagwort, the Terrible Troll
Leigh Patterson

The Seven Dwarfs
Tom Francis / Ben Davis
Georgina Lovett
Tori Thorman / Sophie Marshall
Georgia Wright
George Parker / Charlie Kornblum
Barney Wright
Karma Francis-Butler
  Emily Wright /
The Slave of The Mirror
Linda Arthurs
Dave Henderson
Colin Worrall
Kaye Stubley
Linda Arthurs
Courtiers in Balloon Sketch
Linda Chadwick, Margaret Cordery, Alan Gill, Ann Hosking,
Cohn Worrall

The Chorus
Fleur Avery
Marian Carter
Alan Gill
Pat Moore
Derek Stubley
Jan Walker
Dawn Barton
Linda Chadwick
Ann Hosking
Celia Pearce
Kaye Stubley
Lynn Wishart
Leah Brett
Margaret Cordery
Chris Moore
Vernon Pearce
Leya Thorman
Hazel Worrall

The Chorus

Snow White Juniors

Max Davis
Georgia Levey
Jo-Jo Thorman
Morgan Lamont
Olivia Partington

Susanna Mace Roger Dean
Susanna Mace
Musical director
Roger Dean

Director Dorothy Fish
Choreographer Susanna Mace
Stage Manager Lee Walker
Assistant Stage Manager Sonia Crabb
Backstage Crew Colin Worrall
Dave Henderson
Derek Martyr
Stuart Barton
Costumes Janet Walker
Hazel Worrall
Props Sylvia Johnson
Brenda Taylor
Lighting Desmond Webb
Follow Spots Helen Baxter
Maggie Lawley
Music Roger Dean
Prompt Dennis Arthurs
Set Design & Construction John Pollit
Dave Henderson
Set Painting
Andy Crabb
Front of House Manager Gill Ward
Front of House Ian Coleman, Mary King, Anne Marty,
Bill & Lynne Parsons,
Caryl Patterson, Sandra Williams,
Stuart Wishart
Bar Management and Staff Jenny & Keith Hart
George King
David Williams
Box Office Helen Baxter
Ticket Sales Marion Wright
Publicity Candy Wright
Programme Sonia Crabb
Candy Wright

Natasha Lakin ‘Snow White’
Natasha Lakin — ‘Snow White’ Tasha has lived in Spain for seven years and will be starting her GCSE’s at Xabia International College next year. She has performed with various theatre groups in productions such as ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, ‘Dracula Spectacular’ and ‘Annie’. She joined Careline Kids in September and was thrilled to receive the role of Snow White. She loved rehearsing for the show but couldn’t wait to start performing before an audience.
Neil Carter — ‘Dora Dumpling’
Neil Carter — ‘Dora Dumpling’ This is Neil’s first time performing with the Careline players. Neil, however, is no stranger to the stage and has played in panto for many years. His diverse roles include King Rat (Dick Whittington), Gormiess (Sleeping Beauty), Abanazer (Aladdin), Smee (Peter Pan), Dame Fatima Kebabs (Au Babar) and the lead in Frankenstein The Panto. He has also taken part in a variety of plays and musical reviews. Neil can also turn his hand to set construction and enjoys all aspects of amateur dramatics. He has enjoyed his debut with Careline Theatre in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Nick Wilson — ‘Prince Launcelot’
Nick Wilson — ‘Prince Launcelot’ Hey, I’m Nick, I’m 20 and this is my first time doing panto. At first I kept saying to myself “What are you doing?” because I’ve never done anything like this before. When I am brought out of my comfort zone I get shy and embarrassed. But as the show went on my confidence grew because everyone in the show cheered me up by saying how well I was doing. And now I’m enjoying it a lot more because the shyness has gone and being The Prince you can’t be shy! Ha ha! Enjoy the show!
Candy Wright ‘Queen Evilena’
Candy Wright ‘Queen Evilena’ Although comedy is her favourite Candy is thrilled to be given the part of the Evil Queen. After playing her final Principal Boy in last year’s Red Riding Hood she has thrown away her tights and has stepped into the “skirts” of the Baddie again. The last one she played was Queen Rat in Dick Whittington which she loved. Please boo and hiss her with gusto, she will respond with enthusiastic malevolence.
Tony Lawley ‘Herman the Huntsman’
Tony Lawley — ‘Herman the Huntsman’ Tony has played in three previous Careline Pantos, as ‘Onions’ in Mother Goose, ‘Shout’ in Sleeping Beauty and ‘Mr Hyde’ in Red Riding Hood. This year, once again, he is playing another non-too-bright and perhaps non-toonice, character, Herman the Huntsman, are we trying to tell him something?
Robin Baxter ‘Muddles’
Robin Baxter ‘Muddles’ Robin retired to Spain in 2002 from Locksbottom in Kent, and soon became involved with Careline Theatre. Initially he worked backstage and front of house and did everything possible to avoid appearing on the stage. However he was unable to resist the lure of the spotlights and with the friendly encouragement of other Careline members he took on his first major part as Pike in Dad’s Army (May 2008). He enjoyed doing this far more than he ever thought he would and so it wasn’t too difficult to persuade him to take on the character of ‘Muddles’. Robin lives in Alcalali with his wife Helen and their four cats.
Andy Crabb — ‘Marmeduke’
Andy Crabb — ‘Marmeduke’ Andy has been inflicting himself on captive audiences for more than fifty years, despite being unable to sing in tune, dance or remember lines. His favourite theatrical activity is making props, and he can list rifles, grenades, horses, ducks, rabbits, medals, an x-ray machine, signal flares, spears, shields, axes, treasure, sausages, a crucifix, a wheel barrow, boots, hats, costumes, red Indian war-bonnets and a goat in his repertoire. He would like to retire from teaching to spend more time keeping the blackbirds out of his grapevines and finish writing his second book, ‘Blood Blossoms’, the sequel to ‘Poisoned Petals’, his anthology of short stories set in Spain.
Leigh Patterson -‘Hagwort, The Terrible Troll’
Leigh Patterson -‘Hagwort, The Terrible Troll’ Leigh has been a member of Careline Theatre for 2 years now, and this is her second pantomime with us. Last year we saw her in her memorable if draughty gym kit as Miss Took. Leigh lives in Gata with her husband Caryl. She works full time as a Podiatrist, “The Foot Angel” in Javea. She has taken part in several productions both on stage and behind the scenes. She says “taking part in the Panto is hard work, but thoroughly enjoyable, especially when you can exploit your WICKED side!”

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