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Royal Opera Gala

For Your Entertainment and Guidance

If the format of this evening's performance bears a passing resemblance to a certain function at Glyndebourne, then don't be too surprised. After all, Glyndebourne is an extremely popular occasion and has grown enormously from the very first embryo effort at opera in a country house setting. So why not here? Why not at Fontilles, where there is a delightful, old theatre, some beautiful picnic spots, room to stroll and, with a modicum of luck, rather better weather than might be expected in England? Who is to say that, if this first venture is successful, the idea could not be extended in the following years?

The programme has been devised to bring a taste of some of the most popular operas within the reach of many who perhaps feel somewhat starved of international culture here on the Costa Blanca. In the first half of the programme we have staged production extracts from such favourites as Pagliacci, Tosca, The Pearl Fishers and Faust. A wide range of music here and something to suit most tastes. Even those for whom opera is quite new will experience the beauty and intense emotion generated by this very special art form.

The specially extended interval will allow the audience to step out into the fresh air, set up their picnics and enjoy some of the delights of Fontilles. For many people the scale of the sanatorium and the beauty of the old buildings will come as a delightful surprise. Bear in mind that this is not just a hospital and a research establishment of worldwide repute, but a living, working village with residents who are pleased to make you welcome. Also, please just remember when you are in the grounds that smoking and trees and dry undergrowth are a potentially volatile mixture in Spain!

When the second half of the programme commences the whole scene and tone of the production is changed. Set perhaps in old Vienna, we shall enjoy concert versions of many favourites provided by our trio of excellent singers. In addition, we shall have the added enjoyment of specially choreographed ballet inserts.

This production is a joint presentation of Viva La Ópera and Careline Theatre. Viva La Ópera, under it's Director, John Brecknock, and Stage Director, John Bennetts, is responsible for providing your evening's entertainment on stage. Careline Theatre's role in this production is to provide all the other aspects of the presentation, including provision of the theatre, theatre staff and technical operators, publicity and ticket sales, souvenir programmes, etc., etc.. All these tasks are performed, unpaid, by willing volunteers.

Careline Theatre was started in 1996 as a Section of Careline/Com-Sanit, a registered Spanish charity providing funds for the improvement and maintenance of the health service in the local area. The lovely theatre at Fontilles had long remained practically unused, and it was a mutually beneficial arrangement that allowed Careline Theatre to begin an ambitious programme of refurbishment. The whole of the stage was re-roped with one kilometre of new rope so that scenery could be 'flown'. The stage itself was completely resurfaced. Badly needed rewiring was carried out right through the theatre. Second-hand, professional-standard lighting and sound equipment was purchased in Spain or brought from UK and installed by Careline Theatre members. The most recent improvements, just in time for the opera-goers, have been more structural in nature, allowing the development of a new foyer and theatre bar. Despite all this expenditure, regular and substantial contributions have been made to the Careline/Com-Sanit charity and funds in the nature of recompense have been paid over to Fontilles.

Careline Theatre is now actively pursuing the purchase of good, second-hand, upholstered theatre seating from UK. The addition of extra toilet facilities within the confines of the theatre is another project which is taxing the brains and ingenuity of members.

By arrangement with the Directors of Fontilles, Careline Theatre is now responsible for the administration of the theatre. With such a remarkable new facility in the area, it is everyone's wish that the best use be made of the opportunity to bring many different types of theatre within the reach of residents and visitors alike. Any groups, of whatever nationality, which may be interested in using the theatre to mount their own productions, should contact Careline Theatre for details. At the same time, should you be interested in lending your support and/or assistance to Careline Theatre or to Viva La Ópera in the future, then please let us know.

This production is the first of what is hoped will be a long succession of co-operative ventures.

Royal Opera Gala
Opera Gala

Production Director JOHN BRECKNOCK
Stage Director JOHN BENNETTS
Stage Manager JOHN A. BOOTH
Artistes Performing:
 and Richard McEnery & Bill Parsons as the Guards

Page Turner: DAVID ASH

Opera Ballet:
Choreographer: JUNE A. BOOTH, A.R.A.D., A.I.S.T.D.

Assistant Stage Manager: BILL PARSONS
 Stage & Technical Crew: Michael Banks, Stan Betts, Raymond Davis, Terry Farrow, Brian Hight, Charlie Lennon, Roy Martin, Bryan Maskell, Colin Worrall
Scenic Artists: TATS and BRIAN DENTON
 Scenery & Properties: Viva La Ópera and Careline Theatre
Wardrobe: Singers' Costumes by Viva La Ópera
Dancers' Costumes by MAUREEN ELIZABETH

Front of House Manager: BRIAN HATCH
Front of House Staff: Ray Baker, Olive Baker, Jean Barber, Ray Barrett, Shirley Barrett, Pat Betts, Stan Betts, Ben Bloch, Alan Brett, Rita Brett, Graham Chadwick, Linda Chadwick; Margaret Cordery, Shirley Dagger, Sue Dearson, Gina Gonzalez, Ray Hatch, Sylvia Hight, Ann Hosking, Pat Johnston, Elsie Juett Sylvia Kent, Terry Kent, Jeanne Maskell, Angela McAdam, Richard McEnery, Sylvia McEnery, Sybil McGregor, Vida Pearce, Steve Penny, Trish Penn:, Betty Pi;;, Ken Pitt, Jenny Roberts, Pamela Simon, Vicente Simon, Vi Skinner Viveca Ulf-Hansen, Colin Worrall, Hazel VVorrall, Candida Wright

Bars and "Catering: NORMAN HALL, KAREN HALL, Pat Betts, Margaret Cordery, Elaine Farrow, Bonita Hughes, Mervyn Hughes, Jean Martin, Roy Martin, Lyn Parsons, Ann Rosewell, Rick Rosewell, Hazel Worrall

Programme & Publicity: GRAHAM B. CHADWICK


The Programme

Act One
Pagliacci Prologue Peter Laporte
Tosca Aria from Act 1 John Brecknock and Peter Clague
  Duet from Act 2 Peter Laporte and Elizabeth Boorman
  Aria from Act 3 John Brecknock and Peter Clague
Norma Aria - Casta Diva Elizabeth Boorman
Pearl Fishers Duet John Brecknock and Peter Clague
Faust Ballet Opera Ballet
  Final Trio John Brecknock, Elizabeth Boorman and Peter Laporte

The Programme

Act Two
Die Fledermaus Opera Ballet
Die Fledermaus John Brecknock and Peter Laporte
Küssen Ist Keine Sünd Peter Laporte
Thunder & Lightning Polka Opera Ballet

Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz
"Land Of Smiles"

John Brecknock
Trot Here, Trot There Elizabeth Boorman and Peter Laporte
Voix Du Primtemps, Waltz Opera Ballet
Vilia Elizabeth Boorman
Lippen Schweigen Elizabeth Boorman and John Brecknock
Brennende Liebe, Mazurka Opera Ballet
Finale Selection John Brecknock, Elizabeth Boorman and Peter Laporte
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