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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

The Director

Dorothy Fish

Director’s Notes:

Welcome to our pantomime for 2019, “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”. Based on the famous Daniel Defoe novel, the Show is filled with all the old familiar features, and some new, which I am sure you will enjoy. There will be plenty for you to get involved in, so I hope your vocal chords are ready for all the singing, shouting and booing. I would like to thank the cast and all the crew behind the scenes for their hard work and support and hope you enjoy the Show tonight and have as much fun as we have putting it together for you. Best wishes for 2019

Dorothy Fish


Cast of Characters
Robinson Crusoe Sophie Phillips
Mrs. Crusoe Stevie Keen
Billy Crusoe Candida Wright
Sally Shinlges Emily Wilkes
Mr. Flotsam Mick Naill
Mr. Jetsam Paul Young
Lottie Lobster Dee Wilkes
Captain Cuttlefish Neil Carter
Mrs. Cuttlefish Marian Carter
Man Friday Andy Crabb
Blackbeard the Pirate Richard Herriott
Miranda the Mermaid Giovanna Wallis
Pee Gee (Robinson's Pet Monkey) Laura Hoogewerf
Jim Hawkins Maya Coadwell
Bosun / Patch the Pirate Alan Gill
Cannibal Ian Bennett



Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb
Assistant Stage Manager

Alan Gill, Marian & Neil Carter

Lighting Director Jim Sissens
Sound Director Roger Dean
Follow Spots Maggie & Tony Lawley
Flys Ben Coadwell, Andy Delderfield
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Walker
Dame's Dresser Lynn Wishart
Wigs, Hats & Headdresses Stevie Keen, Janet Walker, Candida Wright, Sue Jones, Dorothy Fish
Dressers Our wonderful Mums
Set Pieces Mike Wadsworth, Marian & Neil Carter
Back Drops, Props Andy Crabb
Chorus Mistress Giovanna Wallis
Prompt Peter Clague
Theatre / Front of House Manager Elaine Farrow
Bar Manager Alex Thornhill
Bar Staff Sylvia Crombie, Margaret Bottley, Louise Smee, Liz Brett, Sue Martin, Jackie & Geoff Taylor
Front of House Brenda Watson, Richard Watson, Julie Day, Dorothy Niall, Ann Gill, Jacintina Hoogewerf, Peter Hooker
Box Office Helen Wadsworth
Press & Publicity Robin Baxter, Candida Wright
Poster & Programme Candida Wright, Katie Jackson


Suzanna Mace
Musical Director
Roger Dean
Suzanna Mace
  Roger Dean
Cute Chorus Boys
Ladies Chorus
Ladies Chorus
Junior Chorus
Junior Chorus



‘Robinson Crusoe’- Sophie Phillips

Sophie Phillips

Sophie has been at Careline for 4 years and played many parts. This is her first time pla ing the lead role and she is relishing the experience.

‘Sally Shingles’- Emily Wilkes

Emily Wilkes Brave Sally sails the sea to be reunited with her true love Robinson Crusoe. Aaaah love’s young dream...

‘Mrs Crusoe’- Stevie Keen
Stevie KeenAnother first for Stevie as a Dame and he is Whooping it up! Oh yes he is!
‘Man Friday’- Andy Crabb
Andy Crabb

This fine young cannibal assures us that he only eats vegetarians!! Oh what fun it is to be mad, and our Andy is definitely qualified for that!

‘Billy Crusoe’- Candida Wright

Candida WrightBring on the Show, Let’s get slapstick! It’s panto time again... Oh no it isn’t!

‘Lottie Lobster’- Dee Wilkes
Dee Wilkes

Dee is having great fun in her role as Lottie working alongside her co-actor Billy Crusoe.

‘Captain Cuttlefish’- Neil Carter
Neil Carter

Enjoying playing husband to my wife Marian, this is where we came in over 25 years ago.

‘Mrs Cuttlefish’- Marian Carter

Marian CarterEnjoying being this side of the curtains yet again playing wife my husband Neil. Type casting??

‘Mr. Flotsam’- Mick Niall
Mick Niall

- “Don’t worry, you’ve got a friend in me”, says Mick to his side kick Paul...What a fun pair this duo makes.

‘Mr Jetsam’- Paul Young
Paul Young

“Don’t worry I’ve got a friend in you”, Paul says to his side kick Mick Oh yes indeed!

‘Blackbeard the Pirate’- Richard Herriott
Malcolm Macintosh

With a Hook this pirate is really bad and without a Hook he is really really mad, bad and dangerous!

‘Miranda the Mermaid’- Giovanna Wallis
Giovanna Wallis

Giovanna is excited to play Miranda the Mermaid, she is looking forward to guiding you through this tour de force...and as the role usually dictates, in rhyme and verse of course!

‘Pee Gee (Robinson’s Pet Monkey)’ Laura Hoogewerf
Laura HoogewerfThis is a first role on stage for this talented 10 year old and a super accomplishment especially as english is not her first language.
‘Jim Hawkins’- Maya Coadwell
Maya Coadwell

From strength to strength this budding actress is a joy to work with and gets better every time.

‘Bosun I Patch the Pirate’- Alan Gill
Alan Gill

Alan has been involved in every Panto with roles as diverse as The Mad Hatter. This time he is busy working backstage and playing two minor  roles. Hopefully he will remember his three lines!

‘Cannibal’- Ian Bennett
Ian Bennett

Ian is a versatile actor and a bonus for Careline Theatre even when hidden behind a mask.... Mmmmm Bisto



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