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Robin Hood


The Director

Marian Carter

Director’s Comments:

Welcome to our pantomime for 2018, Robin Hood The Panto. Despite the title this is a traditional pantomime, with all the old familiar features that we hope you will enjoy. There will be plenty for you to get involved in so I hope your vocal chords are ready for all the shouting, cheering and booing.
I would like to thank the cast and all the crew behind the scenes for their hard work and support, for without teamwork, a panto would not happen. We hope you enjoy our show today and have as much fun as we have in performing it for you.
Careline Theatre wishes you all a healthy and prosperous New Year and we look forward to seeing you again soon at our next production.


Cast of Characters
(In Order of Appearance)
Sherriff of Nottingham Dennis Arthurs
Spirit of the Greenwood Linda Arthurs
Maid Marian Isabelle Borger
Will Scarlet Robin Baxter
Friar Tuck Ian Bennett
Little John Paul Young
Herman Andy Crabb
Robin Hood Paige Keen
Nurse Norah Peter Clague
Janet Sophie Phillips
John Connie Levey
Soldier 1 Neil Carter
Soldier 2 Alan Gill

Adult Dancing Chorus

Mandy Madgewick, Sue Jones, Janet Walker, Louise Booth, Stevie Keen

Junior Chorus
Adult Chorus

Neil Carter, Candida Wright, Alan Gill, Dee Wilkes

Junior Dancing Chorus

Daisy Cook, Laura Hoogewerf, Emily Wilkes, Izabel Noo Aliyah Booth, Charlotte Tame, Maya Coadwell

Junior Chorus
Mini Junior DancingChorus

Sabrina Norman, Ciara Aylward, Lily Delderfield

'Soldiers' Alan Gill, Neil Carter

Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb
Assistant Stage Managers

Alan Gill, Neil Carter

Sound Director Roger Dean
Lighting Director Jim Sissens
Follow Spots Maggie Lawley, Tony Lawley
Fly Guys Ben Coadwell, Colin Mclean, Leigh Ward
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Walker
Wigs & Hats Stevie Keen, Janet Walker
Dames Dresser Lynn Wishart
Wardrobe Assistant Pam Small
Set Pieces Mike Wadsworth
Back Drops & Props Andy Crabb, Marian & Neil Carter
Prompt Taz Coadwell
Theatre Manager Elaine Farrow
Bar Manager Alex Thornhill
Bar Staff Kirsty Filby, Louise Smee, Sue Martin, Sylvia Crombie, Margaret Bottley, Peter Hooker, Helen Baxter
Front of House Managers Giovanna Wallis
Front of House Staff Ann Gill, Alex McEnery, Joyce Roberts, Jacintha Hoogewerf, Peter Hooker, Helen Baxter
Box Office Helen Wadsworth
Press, Publicity & Photography Robin Baxter
Poster & Programme Candida Wright, Katie Jackson


Suzanna Mace
Musical Director
Roger Dean
Suzanna Mace
  Roger Dean

‘Robin Hood’ - Paige Keen

Paige Keen

At 15 years old, this is Paige’s 3rd panto, but her first principle role! She started drama classes at 11 years old to help her confidence. She has appeared in pantos such as ‘Dick Whittington ‘ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Other productions have been in the Musicals, ‘Lest we Forget’, ‘After a Fashion‘ and the passion play, ‘Nails for the Carpenter’. Her first junior lead role was Talullah in ‘Bugsy Ma/one’ in which she sang her first solo too. She has performed in various Careline Dance Academy shows too. She hopes everyone enjoys the show! “Hail Merry Men!”

‘Maid Marian’- Isabelle Borger

Isabelle BorgerIsabelle started theatre when she was 10 years old. Her first pantomime was ‘Wizard of Oz’ in which she was dancing in the chorus. She formed part of Careline Kids and attended the Careline Kids drama classes every Saturday for several years. She had a role in the children’s musical play ‘Bugsy Malone’ as Louella which she enjoyed very much. Isabelle now feels honoured to play her first principal role in Panto as Maid Marian in this production of ‘Robin Hood’.

‘Nurse Norah’ - Peter Clague
Peter ClagueTasha is 15 years old and is delighted to be playing the part of Antonio in her fourth Careline pantomime. She has also been in other Careline productions such as ‘Ernie Incredible Illucinations’ in 2008, and ‘An Inspector Calls’ in 2015. Tasha has thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hopes you will too.
‘Sherriff of Nottingham’- Dennis Arthur
Dennis Arthur

Dennis has had a busy year, acting as Rene in ‘A/b, ‘Albo’ and directing ‘Nil by Mouth’ but will be best remembered as the ‘Man who fell down the hole’. After many dame roles, Dennis is relishing the change, playing the villainous sheriff with gusto but, hopefully, not making too many kids cry even though he threatens to poison their sweets! As he says, ‘Shout yourselves hoarse, I don’t give a damn!’ so feel free to boo to your heart’s content.

‘Herman’- Andy Crabb

Andy CrabbIt is not every amateur actor’s dream to play an oafish outcast, but Andy proclaims to have enjoyed this opportunity to display, legally, the thin streak of insanity for which he says his family is noted for. Andy has played many roles with Careline but as Herman he is in his element so enjoy. Andy says, “Thanks, Marian, great fun!”

‘Spirit of the Greenwood’- Linda Arthur
Linda Atrhur

Linda has been in many Careline productions over the years, most recently as long- suffering Edith in ‘Allo, ‘Albo’ and bossy Sister Downing in ‘Nil by Mouth’ but she holds a special space in her heart for the Panto! ln the past she has been both the good fairy and the bad fairy so it’s back to standing on stage right, wearing a fabulous costume... as well as defeating her husband, the evil Sherriff! So do give her a cheer!

‘Master John’ - Connie Levey
Connie Levey

Connie is 13 years old and she loves to sing and dance. She has been a member of Careline for five years and has had several speaking roles in past productions including the dormouse in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Jimmy Cricket in ‘Pinocchio’. This is however a more challenging part for her as she has to play a boy! She is looking forward to appearing in many more productious.

‘Miss Janet’ - Sophie Phillips

Sophie PhillipsSophie has sung and danced in numerous Careline productions over the past few years and tried on quite a few occasions to have a speaking part (on stage) but she has always been too small or young for the parts and finally she has been given the opportunity to play her first lead role as Janet, sister to John, niece to the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

‘Friar Tuck’ - Ian Bennett
Ian Bennett

This will be Ian’s fourth appearance in a Careline production, having previously been a male stripper, a yeti, a snowman and an officious civil servant. The challenge of appearing as Friar Tuck is one he relishes and he hopes to bring mirth and merriment to the role. Watch out for those hairy legs!I “Hail Robin Hood”.

‘Will Scarlett’ - Robin Baxter
Robin Baxter

12 year old Connie made her debut with Careline Theatre in the 2014 production of ‘Dick Whittington’ inthe junior chorus and had one line of dialogue. Her potential was soon recognised and she played small parts in the next two pantomimes. Here she is now performing an important principal role and loving every minute of it. She is happy singing, dancing and acting but hates school.

‘Little John’ - Paul Young
Paul Young

‘Robin Hood’ is Paul’s 7th production with Careline. He’s played a genie and the bad guy in the last two pantomimes. He also appeared playing the lead role in the ‘Full Monly’ which he loved doing. ‘Robin Hood’ is a new challenge for Paul as Little John since he’s not only singing in eight musical numbers but has to move his feet at the same time to!l “Hall Robin Hood”.



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