Careline Theatre Alcalali

Red Riding Hood

By Peter Long & Keith Rawnsley

By Arrangement with Noda Pantomimes

The entire production directed by Jim Sissens

The Director

Jim Sissens

Jim Sissens
Roger Dean

Musical Director

Roger Dean

Cast Of Characters
Red Riding Hood Victoria Stewart
Peter the Woodcutter Candy Wright
Granny Knott Dennis Arthurs
Patches Andrew Kappler-Rumming
Pinny Ann Hosking
Squire Bullymore Ian Coleman
Miss Took Leigh Patterson
Mr Hyde Tony Lawley
Mr Seekum Brenda Smethurst
The Kind Fairy Brenda Taylor
The Wicked Wolf Patrick Quinn
Delilah Elaine Farrow
  Margaret Cordery
Salesman/Town Crier Colin Worrall
Dawn Barton
Elaine Farrow
June Sissens
Jan Walker

Margaret Cordery
Lynne Parsons
Kaye Stubley
Hazel Worrall

Rachael Goude
Leah Brett
Emily Wright
Fleur Avery
Katie Goude
Aimée Stokes
Jessica Morrow
Beattie Soliveres


Jim Sissens
Choreographer Sherry Fraser-Currie
Stage Manager Bill Parsons
Backstage Crew Colin Worrall, Robin Baxter Lee Walker, Dave Walker Derek Stubley, Stuart Barton Maggie Lawley, Caryl Patterson
Props manufacture Andy Crabb
Props Sylvia Johnson, Patricia Hudson
Sound and Lighting Desmond Webb
Music Roger Dean
Prompt Sonia Crabb
Front of House Manager Gill Ward
Front of House Staff Ken Ward, Pat Gray, Norman & Jean Smith, Derek & Ann Martyr, Peter & Freda Clague, Linda Arthurs, Peter Hooker, Stuart Wishart, Annabelle Nyren
Costumes Jan Walker, Hazel Worrall, Elaine Farrow
Bar Management & Staff Jennie & Keith Hart, George King
Box Office Ticket Sales Shirley Barrett
Publicity Candy Wright
Programme Elaine Farrow


Victoria Stewart - 'Red Riding Hood'
Victoria StewartVicky moved to Spain just over 3 years ago with her parents, and is studying Performing Arts at the Lady Elizabeth School. She has loved singing and acting from a very early age and plans to take a degree in acting next year. She has already performed in Spain as a singer with Izzy Cooper, her singing teacher, but relishes her very first acting role. She was eager to join Careline Theatre and was delighted to be chosen as 'Principal Girl'. She is thoroughly enjoying herself during rehearsals, and cant wait to show off her skills as an actress and singer, and is very grateful to Careline for the opportunity. It's a pleasure to have you with us Vicky!
Candy Wright - 'Peter the Woodcutter'

Candy WrightCandy has played many different roles in our productions. mainly in comedy, since joining the group 10 years ago. Last year saw her as the potty "Queen Semolina" in Sleeping Beauty, but this year she is back in pants as principle boy. She last performed as principle boy ten years ago as "Jack" in Jack & the Beanstalk. After a variety of roles from the evil "Queen Rat" to guru chewing "Sylvia" in Stepping Out this is probably the hardest for Candy since she has to play it straight, quite a feat for this comedienne! However as "Chairman" of Careline Theatre, she sincerely hopes you all enjoy the show.

Dennis Arthurs - 'Granny Knott'

Dennis Arthurs After successfully directing our last play Farndale's 'A Christmas Carol' Dennis is now back at what he enjoys most acting. Having played 'Dame Goodbody' in our 10th Anniversary production of 'Sleeping Beauty' last year, he again has been chosen to dress tip in the gaudy clothes and brightly coloured wigs! He is now beginning to wonder if the casting committee are aware of something about which he's yet to find out! Al the end of the run, Dennis is going to have to find a way to explain t his new grandson how Granddad can also be Granny Knott! Here's hoping that the audience won't be so confused!

Brenda Taylor - 'The Kind Fairy'

Brenda TaylorOh no she hasn’t ........ Oh yes she has! .. .... swapped her poisoned walking stick for a wand! Wicked stepmothers, pirates and evil fairies are all behind her - she's a "goody" now. Type cast for once! This fairy "Grandmother" rather than "Godmother" would prefer not to be greeted by boos and hisses - save them for the "baddies" please.

Ian Coleman - 'Squire Bullymore'

Ian Coleman Ian is now in his third panto with Careline. and has the "plum" role of the evil Squire ..... no more Mr. Nice Guy !!, but lie does get his corne-uppance in the end. Ian also played Rene in 'Allo 'Allo at our very successful club night in May. He also performs as a drummer in Rock and Roll bands, having played with several famous names in the past. Previous experience on stage was at school in light comedy and Shakespeare.

Ann Hosking - 'Pinny'

Ann HoskingAnn has been living in Spain for 19 years with husband Peter. She Joined Careline Theatre 9 years ago and has been an active member ever since. She last played a principal in our production 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in 1999 as 'The Good Fairy. Her first love though is being in the chorus because she loves to sing and dance. This year she plays the orphanage cleaner 'Pinny', which gives her the opportunity to combine both her acting and dancing skills.
Leigh Patterson - 'Miss Took'
Leigh PattersonLeigh has been a member of the Careline Theatre for less than a year and this will be her first pantomime with us, although she was part of the stage management crew far our last production and made her debut as Gigi in "allo allo". This is a return to amateur theatre for her after being a member of the Gillette Players in England for rnany years. Leigh moved from the UK to live in Gata with husband Caryl and Cornish rex cat, "Red" and continues to work as a Chiropodist in the Denia
Andrew Kappler-Rumming - 'Patches'
Andrew Kappler-RummingAndrew is no newcomer to the theatre world in Spain, having had the privilege to have played Jesus in 'Super Star', Joseph in 'Joseph & His Technicolour Dreamcoat', MC in 'Cabaret' and many more. From Gilbert and Sullivan to Rice and Webber, a new role was always a challenge, This is the third Pantomime he has appeared in for Careline. Andrew enJOYS the lighthearted music and comedy of a good pantomime, and says it's a wonderful way to start the New Year. And so say .all of us!
Brenda Smethurst - 'Mr. Seekum'
Brenda SmethurstBrenda is an old hand at comedy and serious roles, having played both from Principal Boy to Fleshcreep since Careline's inception 11 years ago, She loves the buzz of "Curtain up", in fact Theatre is in her family, her parents being Musicians and her Grandmother's family includes Jack }Julbert and Cicely Courtneidge the famous Music Hall double act. Although comedy is her "forte" one of her favorite roles was as Maxine in `Stepping Out' which had a re run due to popular demand! Brenda loves to entertain and her hilarious version of `The Laughing Policeman' needs to be seen to be believed!
Tony Lawley - 'Mr Hyde'
Tony LawleyTony joined Careline Theatre with neither experience nor ability, merely a willingness to make a fool of himself that has been mercilessly exploited! He played "Onions" in the 2005 pantomime "Mother Goose" and later that year the hapless lodger "Stanley" in "Caught in the Net". In last year's panto' "Sleeping Beauty" he played "Shout", and thoroughly and
happily typecast as a bit of a dimwit, he is looking forward to the role of "Mr Hyde".
Patrick Quinn - 'The Wicked Wolf'

Patrick Quinn Having recently played a charismatic 'Che' in 'Evita', Patrick is now back with his home group in a very different role as the `Wicked Wolf'. He has appeared in many Careline production, and loves the spirit and traditionalism that is "Pantomime", a genre, he feels, needs to be kept well and truly alive. Patrick is completely at home on the stage, having sung professionally for a number of years, he has also had the pleasure of' playing a multitude of different characters in the time that he has been treading the boards, and feels that being adaptable is one of his strongest traits. Patrick is married and lives in Murla with wife Mandy and his 4 children.


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