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The Director

Dorothy Fish

Director’s Comments:

Welcome to our pantomime for 2017, ‘Pinocchio — The Panto’ based on the Walt Disney animated film, with all the old familiar features you will enjoy. There will be plenty for you to get involved in, so I hope your vocal chords are ready for all the singing, shouting and booing.

I would like to thank the cast and all the crew behind the scenes for their hard work and support and hope you enjoy the Show tonight and have as much fun as we have putting it together for you.


Cast of Characters
(In Order of Appearance)
The Good Blue Fairy Amanda Dean Pyott
Jimmy Cricket Connie Levey
Geppetto Peter Clague
Stromboli Paul Young
Maria Abigail Baldwin
Mama Macaroni Dennis Arthur
Lampwick Candida Wright
Antonio Macaroni Tasha Fish
Mini Mozarella Linda Arthur
Maxi Mozarella Robin Baxter
Pinocchio Emma Clay
Ballerina Suzanna Mace
Yeti Ian Bennett

Adult Dancing Chorus

Brenda Boud, Sue Evans, Sue Jones, Mandy Madgwick, Pam Small, Janet Walker, Liz Yardley

Junior Chorus
Junior Dancing Chorus

Tasha Baldwin, Paige Broster, Ruby Broster, Joseph Cronk, Sophie Phillips, Valery Pors, Diana Vladu

Junior Chorus

Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb
Back Stage Crew

Helen Baxter, Marian & Neil Carter, Alan Gill

Set Pieces Mike Wadsworth
Fly Crew Andy Crabb, Mike Wadsworth
Props Andy Crabb, Tony Sim, Miguel Andrada
Lighting Director Jim Sissens
Follow Spots Maggie Lawley, Tony Lawley
Dames Dresser Lin Wishart
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Walker
Wardrobe Assistant Pam Small
Wigs & Hats Elaine Farrow, Laura Parker
Dance Chorus Hats Lady of the Chorus
Dressers Andrea Kronk, Helen Wadsworth
Makeup Emily Wright
Cloth Design & Painters Christine Storey, Laura Parker
Set Pieces Mike Wadsworth
Props Robin Baxter, Andy Crabb
Bar Manager Helen Wadsworth
Bar Staff Poppy Campbell, Luke Marriott, Peter Morgan, Andy Orr
Front of House Managers Anne & Derek Martyr
Front of House Staff Ann Gill, Jo & Dave Jeffery, Susan Lucas, Helen Wadsworth,
Brenda & Richard Watson, Dave Williams
Box Office Debbie Conolly
Photography Robin Baxter, Sonia Crabb
Press & Publicity Robin Baxter
Poster & Programme Candida Wright, Katie Jackson


Suzanna Mace
Musical Director
Roger Dean
Suzanna Mace
  Roger Dean

‘Pinocchio’ - Emma Clay

Emma Clay

Emma is 14 years old and has been with Careline since 2012. this is her 3rd panto, she is excited to be playing her first principal role. She has also appeared in ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Dick Whittington’. She played Blousey Brown in ‘Bugsy Malone’ and was the lead in the last Careline Kids production ‘Ericas Incredible Illucinations Emma has appeared in other Careline productions including Careline Dance Academy Shows.

‘Maria’- Abigail Baldwin

Abigail Abi is 16 years old and is currently studying for her A Levels in L.E.S. Although she isn’t taking Performing Arts now, she did for her GCSE and has always loved to dance and act. She has been with Careline kids from the age of 9 and loves being part of Careline Theatre. She hopes that you enjoy the show!

‘Antonio Macaroni’ - Tasha Fish
Tasha FishTasha is 15 years old and is delighted to be playing the part of Antonio in her fourth Careline pantomime. She has also been in other Careline productions such as ‘Ernie Incredible Illucinations’ in 2008, and ‘An Inspector Calls’ in 2015. Tasha has thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hopes you will too.
‘Mama Macaroni’- Dennis Arthur
Dennis Arthur

Dennis has appeared and directed numerous Careline Theatre Productions and this is his message for you all: “Sorry, one and all. I’m back again! Looking forward to donning all the necessary underwear and all the lovely costumes so as to look gorgeous for you all as the Dame”.

‘Maxi Mozarella’- Robin Baxter

Robin BaxterRobin first appeared on stage in 2008 as Pike in ‘Dad& Army’. Since then he has been a regular performer on the Careline stage. He loves the fun and fantasy of doing panto, and he hopes that you, the audience, have as much fun watching ‘Pinocchi’ as the cast and crew have performing it. And you will be spared the sight of him baring his all as he did in ‘The Full Monty’ as Fat Dave!

‘Mini Mozarella’- Linda Arthur
Linda Atrhur

Well, it’s Panto time again, and a miracle has happened: they’ve found me a part with minimal singing and dancing involved (you, the audience have been mercifully spared!) and maximum opportunity to overact as one of the comedy duo, namely the sensible one (well, all things are relative!), Mini!

‘Geppetto’ - Peter Clague
Peter Clague

Peter played Buttons in Carelines production of ‘Cinderella’ way back in 1997 and in many other productions since. He has been involved in Am/Dram for over 40 years both in Spain and the UK. His part this year has him playing an elderly man some perhaps some type casting is creeping in.

‘Lampwick’ - Candida Wright

Candida WrightCandida brings her years of experience to another Careline Panto as Lampwick, the village Odd Job Man. and behaves as enjoyably badly as her director has permitted, if not slightly more! For Candida performing on stage is a delight along with directing which she thoroughly enjoys too and will, she hopes, be bringing you in the not too distant future her version of ‘Fawlty Towers’

‘Stromboli’ - Paul Young
Paul young

Paul joined Careline a year ago. His first acting performance with them was in the production ‘Aladdin’in which he had the part of the Genie. Last year he performed various roles in the production of, ‘After a Fashion’, the ‘Careline Musical Review Show. In October he went on to play the lead in ‘The Full Monty’giving it his all…. Now he is relishing the chance to be the real Baddie!!

‘Jimmy Cricket’ - Connie Levey
Connie Levey

12 year old Connie made her debut with Careline Theatre in the 2014 production of ‘Dick Whittington’ inthe junior chorus and had one line of dialogue. Her potential was soon recognised and she played small parts in the next two pantomimes. Here she is now performing an important principal role and loving every minute of it. She is happy singing, dancing and acting but hates school.

‘Good Blue Fairy’ - Amanda Dean Pyott
Amanda Dean Pyott

Amanda has a rich theatre and musical background having worked as a singer in cabaret, musical theatre and drama productions in Spain and in the Uk She has produced and directed many shows and may be remembered locally for performances in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Evita’, the one woman professional production of ‘Tell me on a Sunday’ as well as ‘Calendar Girls’ and ‘39 Steps’. She is a performing arts teacher and member of EQUITY.



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