Careline Theatre Alcalali

Mother Goose

Script by Norman Robbins


The entire production Directed by JOHN A. BOOTH

CAST OF CHARACTERS In order of appearance

The Fairy Queen

Cordelia Jackman
Harmony - The Good fairy  Shirley Barrett
Discord - The Wicked Fairy  June Sissens
Clarence Creep - The Village Squire Rick Rosewell
Jill Goose - The village Belle Susan Holley
Colin - Her Sweetheart  Margaret Cordery
Billy Goose - Jills elder brother Peter Clague
Sage -  Colin Worrall
Onions - The Squires Bailiffs Tony Lawley
Mother Goose -A Poor widow Jim Sissens
"Priscilla" - The Magic Goose  Elaine Farrow
Linda Chadwick, Dorothy Fish, Pat Gray, Ann Hosking, Bonnie Hughes, Jan Walker, Lynn Wishart, Hazel Worrall, Lyn Wyatt
June's Juveniles
Jenny Lees, Mercedes Marriot, Lauren McKinnon, Cassandra Padgett, Aimée Stokes, Leah Thorman
Choreographer & Chorus Mistress JUNE A. BOOTH ARAD., AISTD.
Special Musical Arrangements By ROGER DEAN

Stage Director

John A. Booth
Stage Manager
Bill Parsons
Brenda Taylor, Sylvia Johnson
Props Manufacture 
Andy Crabb
Sound Board Operators
Brian Hight/Peter Brown
Lighting Board Operator
Desmond Webb
Follow Spot Operators
Anita & Victor Smith
Stage Staff & Scenery Construction 
Bill Parsons, Robin Baxter, Barry Long, Richard McEnery, John Pollitt, John Redmond
Scenic Decoration
Brian Denton
Lynne Parsons
Costume Design
June A. Booth
Wardrobe Department 
Anne Atkinson, Jan Walker, Hazel Worrall, Ann Gardiner, Sheila Horrox, Elaine Farrow, Dorothy Fish
Dressers & Backstage Assistants
Su Jackson, Ann Atkinson,             Sarah Marriot, Viv Drawbridge
Front of House Manager
Bruce Clench
Front of House Staff 
Andrea Clench, Stephanie Herod, Mary King, Sylvia McEnery, Helen Baxter, Jean Smith, Norman Smith, Bobby Croombs, Maggie Lawley, John Lamont, Lynne Lamont, Stuart Wishart, Kelly Cottom, Candy Wright
Bar Management & Staff 
Stuart Barton, Pete Hosking, Bert Cook
Box Office Ticket Sales
Ann & Rick Rosewell
Programme & Publicity
Candy Wright


Susan Holley - 'Jill'

Sue appeared in last years panto "Cinderella" in a completely opposite role to this year when she played the suave "Dandini" the Prince's Squire. In "Puss in Boots" an earlier panto, she played purringly as "Puss" where her professional dancers training came to the fore. This years challenge as a girl in love also gives her scope for her singing. Sue has in the past produced and appeared in "Cole" and "Lets all go down the Strand" in local theatres with her own group M.A.S.K.

Margaret Cordery - `Colin'

Margaret recently, successfully played five different characters in Careline's last comedy, "The Farndale Murder Mystery". She appeared in Careline's first production in 1997 of Cinderella where she displayed her acting talents and legs as "Prince Charming" and has since appeared in many other Careline shows. Along with being a versatile actress she is also a lovely dancer and great tapper, her performance in "Stepping Out" as the irritating although endearing, rubber glove toting "Vera", has to be one to remember. Enjoy her latest performance as Colin (a boy in love).

Jim Sissens - `Mother Goose'

Jim has a wealth of experience in both musicals and pantomime, culminating in directing the annual pantomime for Clacton Amateur Operatic Society. He joined Careline Theatre when he moved to Spain three years ago. Although he has appeared in a hilarious partnership in an earlier Careline panto, this is his debut as a Dame...

Rick Rosewell - 'Clarence Creep'

In Careline's last production Rick played a Stage Manager playing a copper!! Sounds funny?, he was! His interest in theatre stems from his earlier years in life as a "Butlins Redcoat", although with his deep mellow voice, he probably didn't imagine he would end up in "Skirts", playing various Dame's in Panto. Rick is a real trooper and unknown to last years panto audience, took a head dive through backstage scenery after he tripped in the dark and lay innert to everyones horror. On asking him, "Rick, are you alright?", he responded, "Yes, but where's my orange wig!" Once on stage he never faltered, apart from whispering to his Ugly Sister, "is my skirt straight"! We now see him as the wicked Squire Clarence Creep, so be prepared to boo & hiss to your hearts content!!

Peter Clague - 'Billy'

Peter has performed in numerous roles with Careline playing the part of "Buttons" in their first production in 1997 and appearing in all three Viva la Opera shows performed at Fontille's which he thoroughly enjoyed, as well as working with other local theatre groups. He has been involved in the theatre for many years and admits his first love has always been music and as often as he can performs in musical shows.

Cordelia Jackman -'Fairy Queen'

This is Cordelia's first stage role since coming to live in Monte Pego in June 2004. In fact, it is she say's her first real stage role for a long time, (Nativity Play, Rush Green Primary School 1953?). After years in denial, she finally admitted to being stage-struck and around seven years ago, started going to drama classes at the City Lit (London), where she took part in end-of-term drama and improvisation workshop performances. Television credits include East Enders, The Bill, Casualty, London's Burning - She's watched them all!!

Shirley Barrett 'Harmony'

Shirley has been a member of Careline for many years & has always danced in the chorus of the annual pantomime. She has also played the part of Andy, the plain do-gooder in the show of "Stepping Out", which she thoroughly enjoyed. Now in, "The Wonderful Story of Mother Goose", she is looking forward to using her magic powers to do good as "Fairy Harmony"!

June Sissens'Discord'

Before coming to live in Spain three years ago, June had been appearing with Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Societies in the UK over the years, drawn there by her love of music and singing from the age of sixteen. She has played many leading roles in musicals and pantomime..

Colin Worrall - 'Sage'

Colin who was press-ganged into the chorus of Careline's 1999 panto Dick Whittington originally joined the group to help back-stage!! He has continued to appear in all their pantomimes including playing Wishy Washy in Aladdin and a very downtrodden husband in the play, "When we were married". Colin will never admit to his ability to perform and always says "Still learning"!! He should have you laughing with this one.

Tony Lawley -'Onions'

Tony is a new member of Careline Theatre and claims (insists) that he has had no previous theatre experience. His one and only qualification he says, is a willingness to make a fool of himself in front of others, which may be rather useful to him as he portrays the role of "Onions". Tony has lived locally now for seven years.

Elaine Farrow - 'Priscilla'

Hilariously playing a Butler and a Colonel in Careline's last production & having been the front end of a very funny cow in a previous panto. Along with her unbeatable record of having appeared in every production Careline has performed, probably explains why she is now a Goose. Along with filling in on chorus and giving full vent to her singing voice, she may be diminutive in size but she sure can waddle too...!


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