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To have an artiste of the stature of Ken Goodwin appear at Fontilles is a big occasion for Careline Theatre, and one which marks yet another stage in the development of theatre in this area. It is a vindication of the efforts of a lot of people to have such a well-known professional appear on our stage, having actually expressed the wish to use the theatre to put on a special show. Who would have thought, just a very few years ago, that such an event would be possible?

As recently as 1997, professional and even amateur theatre was practically unknown in this area. It was necessary to travel to Denia to see a play in English or even further afield if your theatrical tastes ran to musical productions. Travelling to see occasional productions was one thing but being able to participate with any of the theatre groups needed real dedication. It was in 1997 that Careline Theatre was formed and was very kindly offered the use of the theatre at Fontilles. The number of members grew rapidly and reflected the degree of local interest in theatre, which had existed but been effectively stifled before that. Suddenly there were shows to see locally and a chance to actually take part or to work in some aspect of theatre.

Because Careline Theatre was inspired by the professionalism and experience of John and June Booth, very high standards were set from the word go. Part of the theatrical learning curve for all members was to get to grips with how things are done in the professional theatre. The equipment now installed in the theatre has all been specified, purchased and installed by Careline Theatre members. Fontilles theatre now rivals any other theatre in the area for sound and lighting quality and the ability to fly scenery. Maybe the newly opened theatre in Ondara comes closest. The same target of achieving professional standards has also been applied to what has happened on stage. With largely inexperienced casts, productions have been greeted with critical acclaim and have given growing audiences considerable pleasure.

In 1999, having won the right to handle the management of the theatre, professional artistes appeared on the stage for the first time. A Royal Gala Opera and Duggie Chapman's "The Good Olde Days" were presented as joint productions and featured top professionals, supported by selected amateur performers from within the Careline Theatre membership. Careline Theatre's developing experience of doing things the professional way, allowed a seamless combination with the professional artistes and produced two shows, quite different but equally memorable. So successful were they that a second Opera 'Gala ,appears here next week and Duggie Chaprnan is interested in returning with another show later in the year.

Now, in another first for Careline Theatre, a fully professional show appears here. We are grateful to Ken Goodwin and his Friends for having faith in our ability to stage and present his show in a manner, which suits his status as one of Britain's favourite comedians. It is another big test for Careline Theatre and one, which may well pave the way for much more professional entertainment to come to Fontilles in the future. For now, this is our highspot, and we hope that all of you in our audience enjoy it.


Ken Goodwin with Friends..
Janie Voltaire
Benny Davis
Tom Howard

20 Minute Interval

Settle Down Now with Ken Goodwin

Music: Tom Howard (piano), Dave Horne (drums)

Stage Manager: John A. Booth
Backstage Crew: Bill Parsons, Roy Martin
Lights: Ray Davis
Sound: Brian Hight
Follow Spot Operators: Terry Farrow, Charlie Lennon
Bar Management: Elaine Farrow
Bar Operators: Michael Banks, Bert Cook, Karen Hall, Norman Hall
Front of House Manager: Alan Brett
Front of House Staff: Jean Barber, Ray Barber, Shírley Barrett, Murray Brett, Rita Brett, Linda Chadwick, Graham Chadwick, Sue Dearson, Sylvia Hight, Ann Hosking, Sylvia Kent, Angela McAdam, Richard McEnery, Sylvia McEnery, Vida Pearce, Betty Pitt, Pamela Simon, Vicente Simon.
Box Office Ticket Sales: John A. Booth, Sue Holly
Programme: Graham B. Chadwick


Ken GoodwinBorn in Manchester and standing well over 6 feet tall, Ken Goodwin could have found fame as a goalkeeper with Manchester City FC if injury had not directed his life elsewhere. He started his Show-Biz career in what he calls "The Killing Grounds" of the northern club scene, a daunting prospect for any fledgling comedian. Few would have guessed that, one day, this likeable young man would be voted "Comedian Of The Year" and awarded the supreme accolade of appearing before Her Majesty The Queen.

Although he made a winning appearance in "Opportunity Knocks", his first break came with the television programme "The Comedians", a popular series that produced many of today's top comics and which is still being shown regularly on Granada satellite TV. From that point there was no looking back. He went on to top the bill at the London Palladium for three months, appeared in two Royal Command Performances and was invited to perform privately before the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.

Apart from his natural, gentle art of comedy, Ken Goodwin's singing and 'George Formby' style of ukulele accompaniment made him a favourite with summer holiday audiences up and down the country. He has also made five records and spent many happy hours singing with the BBC Radio Orchestra.
Ken is a much-travelled artist, entertaining audiences in Nairobi Kenya, Hong Kong, Australia and QE2 cruises. Whilst in Australia, Des O'Conner invited him onto his television show which was repeated later as one of the funniest interviews of the year. He was also given the honour of entertaining the soldiers, widows and relatives on the Falklands pilgrimage.

Today Ken lives in Spain and balances his time between performing in selected cabaret venues and straight acting. He appeared in the BAFTA Award winning film "Treacle" and recently returned from touring UK in the hit farce "No Sex Please, We're British". Ken has slotted this appearance at Fontilles into a quite short stay in Spain before he goes off on yet another prestigious cruise contract.

TOM HOWARDTom Howard makes a most welcome return to Fontilles just 7 months after providing all the music for "The Good Olde Days" here in October last. As well as a master musician, Tom proved himself to be 'a true gentleman of the old school' and made many friends. He also kindly allowed Careline Theatre to use several of his own compositions in their year 2000 production of "Aladdin", including Dorothy Fish's memorable number "You'll Never Have A Friend Like Me". This time he comes at the special invitation of Ken Goodwin to entertain you as a performer and not just as an accompanist.
Tom was born in Yorkshire and studied both piano and singing for a classical music career. However, after a professional start in revue he quickly found himself in demand for Emile Littler's pantomimes and in Summer shows at many leading resorts. He quickly developed his own individual style and added a range of vocal impressions which brought him even greater success.

Tom has since travelled the world performing in a remarkably wide range of settings. He has appeared on Australian TV and entertained prisoners in Dartmoor Prison along with Ken Dodd and Roy Hudd. Perhaps more significantly, he has toured Britain, South Africa and Scandinavia and has enjoyed repeated contracts with the luxurious Sheraton Hotels, which took him to Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal
and the United Arab Emirates. He has also presented his one-man shows on Norwegian Cruise Lines operating out of Miami, Florida. He has played just about every character in every pantomime that ever was and he has directed "Aladdin" twice, once with Frank Carson and Roy Barraclough, and again with Geoffrey Hughes and The Roly Polys.

His diverse repertoire includes music from Broadway, popular classics, and comedy songs, together with standards, country music and pops.

JANIE VOLTAIREKnown as "Miss Showbiz" for her energetic performances, Janie has been a popular cabaret artiste in Spain for many years. Encouraged by her mother, a well-known big band singer of the 40's and stepfather 'Voltaire', a big time magician, she started singing and dancing almost before she could walk. Her big break came when she was accepted by the famous "Bluebell" dance troupe in Paris, where she spent many happy years.

When she eventually returned to England, Janie was immediately accepted into major productions and toured the country dancing in everything from stage musicals to cabaret, pantomime to musical comedy. Her singing career didn't start until she was asked to understudy a lead part and went on to tour in the part for the run of the production. After touring for many years, Janie decided to make her home in Spain and work in 'the odd cabaret or show when the occasion presented itself. She has never stopped! A popular all-round entertainer, Janie can be seen night after night in major hotels, nightclubs and restaurants, entertaining holiday audiences up and down the Costa Blanca. Janie has been a regular member of 'The Variety Artists Support For Alzheimers' cabaret team since it was launched two years ago.


BENNY DAVISBorn into a theatrical family, Benny started his stage life as a boy magician at the tender age of 12 years and toured with his parents in various shows around UK. After National Service in the Royal Tank Regiment, where he fought many battles (the girls always won), he worked briefly in costume and set design. He says he dropped out as a "gibbering imbecile" after dressing the famous 'Folies Bergere' girls! He then formed a comedy script-writing duo with writer Dennis ' Spooner, who eventually won acclaim with several TV series. Meanwhile, Benny had branched out into the business world and headed up a successful marketing company specialising in corporate launches, public relations and sales training.

Since retiring to Spain some 13 years ago, he has been involved with everything from journalism to the launch of the English radio programme, "Lifestyle", where he became a popular chat show host. He also introduced "Benny's Charity Challenge" in which listeners invited him to take on various tasks from climbing mountains to auctioneering and marathon walks to singing karaoke. For Lifestyle' he also attended and reviewed Careline Theatre's very first production, "Cinderella".

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