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Jack & the Beanstalk 2012

Jack & the Beanstalk 2012

The Director

Marian Carter

Director's Notes
Welcome to our pantomime for 2012, Jack and the Beanstalk. We have once again returned to the traditional routes of pantomime, with all the old familiar features that we hope you will enjoy. There will be plenty for you to get involved in so I hope your vocal chords are ready for all the shouting, cheering and booing. I would like to thank the cast and all the crew behind the scenes for their hard work and support, for without teamwork, a panto would not happen. We hope you enjoy our show today and have as much fun as we have in performing it for you. Careline Theatre would like to wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year and we look forward to seeing you again soon at our next production, Sand Castles.

Director Marian Carter


Cast of Characters
(In Order of Appearance)

Fairy Moonbeam

Natasha Lakin
Fleshcreep Andy Crabb
Jill Tori Thorman
Dame Trott Andy Headford
Jack Trott Leigh Patterson
Billy Trott Candida Wright
Josh Joshua Llorente Fuiljames
Grabbit Jim Sissens
King Alan Gill
Giant Blunderbore Neil Carter
Daisy Herself



Sara Hamer, Janet Walker
Junior Chorus
Ashley Anderson, Max Davis, Alex Hamer, Lily Hamer, Floris Waardenberg, Merel Waardenberg
Dancers and Chorus
Elysha Fish, Yanna Geylenberg, Leah Thorman, Jojo Thorman
The Sapphires
Suzanna Mace, Phaedra Vaughan

Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb
Assistant Stage Manager Caryl Patterson

Stage Crew

Robin Baxter, Barry Flood, Dave Henderson, Colin Worrall

Back Cloth Design & Painting

Andy Crabb
Set Constructors & Painters

John Pollit, Dave Henderson, Caryl Patterson, Marian Carter,
Neil Carter

Large Props Construction

George King

Small Props Construction

Andy Crabb
Lighting Director Desmond Webb
Follow Spots Helen Baxter, Tony Lawley
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Walker
Milliner, Wigs & Accessories Kaye Stubley
Prompt Helen Wadsworth
Props Sylvia Johnson, Brenda Taylor, Kaye Stubley
Dressers Lyn Wishart, Hazel Worrall, Dorothy Fish
Bar Management Elaine Farrow
Assisted by Brenda Smethurst, George King, David Williams
Front of House Manager Gill Ward
Assisted by

Peter Clague, Pat Gray, Jenny Hart, Keith Hart, Peter Hooker,
George King, Anne Martyr, Derek Martyr, Alison Mclnnes,
Celia Pearce, Vernon Pearce, Patricia Taylor, David Williams

Box Office Sara Hamer
Publicity Bernard King
Programme Sonia Crabb


Suzanna Mace
Musical Director
Roger Dean
Suzanna Mace   Roger Dean

Natasha Lakin - 'Fairy Moonbeam'

Natasha Lakin

After a gloomy year without panto, Tasha is treading the boards with us again, this year as our Fairy. No stranger to Careline Pantomime, she played the Principal Girl in both Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 2009, and Beauty and the Beast in 2010. Now, with summer exams behind her, she is currently looking forward to two fun-filled years of A-Levels at the Lady Elizabeth School. Eager to perform for you once more, she sincerely hopes you enjoy the show!

Andy Crabb - 'Fleshcreep'

Andy CrabbAndy likes to put aside his normally quiet and retiring self when he takes on the role of the baddie. Over the years he has played Abnazzar in Aladdin, the Demon Vanity, arch- megalomaniac Vileun the Vile and hopes to add a touch of loathsomeness to the already horrid character of Fleshcreep.

Tori Thorman - 'Jill'
Tori ThormanTori, fifteen, has lived in Spain all her life. When she was four she started dancing and in 2007 took part in her first Careline Pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, as one of June's Juveniles. Since then she has been in many more as a dancer and member of the chorus. In 2009 she played the part of a Dwarf in Snow White. This is her first speaking role and she is delighted to be playing the part of the Principal Girl, Jill, her first time in the spotlight
Andy Headford - 'Dame Trott'
Andy Headford

This will be Andy's first pantomime appearance with Careline and he is really looking forward to it! He played his first panto role at the tender age of four in Totnes in South Devon and has since appeared in most of the well known pantomimes. Following in his father's footsteps, he has played the Dame in Mother Goose, Cinderella and Aladdin. In addition to panto, Andy has performed with various groups in the Costa Blanca, including Footlights (Peron in Evita, Pharaoh in Joseph), and CAGSS (Pirate King in Pirates & Corcoran in Pinafore, both of which he also directed). Andy also appears regularly as a guest artist with the lovely Dolce Divas, Claire Post and Kirsty Glenn.

Leigh Patterson - ' Jack Trott'

Leigh PattersonLeigh has been a member of the Careline Theatre for almost five years now and this will be her fourth pantomime with us. She initially involved herself backstage with props and lighting and made her debut onstage with Careline as Gigi in 'Allo 'Allo. Leigh lives in Gata de Gorgos with husband, Caryl, and Cornish rex cat, "Red" and continues to work as a podiatrist in Javea and Denia. Leigh is looking forward to her first casting as Principle Boy

Candida Wright - 'Billy Trott'
Candida Wright

After last year's success of directing Ali Baba Candy is back on the stage again, in her favourite type of role as a "Comedienne". She hopes to become a professional actress when she grows up! Nomination for Baftas, Oscars and Strictly Come Dancing awards will be gratefully received. On a more serious note: as Chairman of Careline Theatre she sincerely hopes that you enjoy this year's panto and would like to remind you that we always welcome new members, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Joshua Llorente Fulljames - 'Josh'
Joshua Llorente Fulljames

Joshua, fourteen years old, began his acting experience with Stagecoach. He regularly attends Careline Kids and every summer he participates in intensive theatre workshops in Oxfordshire. His many performances include Semi Monde (Noel Coward), It's Not You, It's Me with Careline Kids and school performances in Valenciano and Spanish. This is his first experience in a pantomime and his dream is to become a professional actor.

Jim Sissens - 'Grabbit'

Jim has a wealth of experience in Amateur Theatre and has played many major roles in musicals including Kipps in Half a Sixpence and Billis in South Pacific. His first love, however, is panto and he returns to the boards as the front end of the Cow as well as the King's sidekick, Grabbit. The last time he was in an animal costume, though, was thirty-eight years ago when he made his debut for Clacton Operatic Society, as the Goose.

Alan Gill - 'The King'
Alan Gill

Alan made his first panto appearance as a chorus member in Snow White. The following year he was allowed to speak in Beauty and the Beast. Last year, as Ali Baba's brother, Kassim, he was allowed a lot more lines before being killed off by the end of Act One. This year he makes it all the way through to the end - nothing like being broken in gently!

Neil Carter - 'Giant Blunderbore'
Neil Carter

Yet again, Neil shows his adaptability and commitment to Careline Pantomime, taking on the parts of both the Giant and the back end of the Cow! Perhaps not the most glamorous of roles, but a vital one nevertheless. He has enjoyed this diversification from the Baddie and the Dame and is looking forward to today's performance.

Dancers   The Sapphires
The Sapphires


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