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Relying on Our Members

It seems remarkable that just two years have passed since we had our very first meeting and created Careline Theatre. So much has happened in that time.

We have attracted a membership of more than eighty people, many of whom didn't even know they were interested in theatre at the beginning. We have raised a lot of money and spent a lot of money, turning the facilities so generously handed to us by Fontilles into a real working theatre. We have presented two pantomimes, a play and a revue and, here we are with a second play ready for our ever growing audiences.

There are so many aspects to the efficient running of Careline Theatre that we depend upon a whole range of volunteers to handle different aspects of the load. To all of them we are extremely grateful. Matters such as wardrobe, cleaning, ticket sales, PR & Publicity and all the Front Of House jobs are controlled by people who are rapidly becoming more experienced and more efficient in their new roles. And the degree of enthusiasm is hard to credit. Such a range of the local populace are now involved in some way or other that it is clear that we need to be constantly aware of our strength and influence within the community.

An opportunity arose recently to pay back something to the lovely people of Fontilles, quite apart from the donations we have been able to make. They put on an annual variety show for a couple of days at the end of April and, this year, we were able to provide our full sound and lighting capability for them. To say they were 'over the rnoon would be to understate their reaction! Audiences and performers alike loved the way our staff pulled out all the stops to make their show sound and look better than it had ever been before. Isn't it nice to be able to give something back?

A Comedy by Michael Pertwee
Directed by
Graham B. Chadwick
CAST in order of appearance

Jay Spencer 

John A. Booth
Candida Wright
Sonia Spencer
Margaret Cordery
Rose Shipley
Jean Barber
Mary Parfitt
Elaine A. Farrow
Stage Manager 
Bill Parsons
Assistant Stage Manager
Terry Farrow
Lynne Parsons
Stephanie Herod and Ricky Lee
Lighting Control 
Ray Davis
Sound Control
Brian Hight


Elaine A. Farrow, June A. Booth & Linda Chadwick

Gina Gonzalez
Front of House Manager
Brian Hatch
Catering Manager
Norman Hall
Box Office Ticket Sales
Jeanne Maskell, Vi Biddies
Graham B. Chadwick
Press & Public Relations
Angela Webb
Front of House Staff
Ray Baker, Shirley Barrett, Ben Bloch, Alan Brett, Bill Burke, Delia Burke,
Sue Dearson, Barbara Evans, Karen Hall, Ray Hatch, Pat Johnston, Elsie Juett, Ian Lanigan, Tony Lanigan, Jean Martin, Brian Maskell, Jeanne Maskell, Richard McEnery, Sylvia McEnery, Mark Rayton, Viveca Ulf-Hansen, Colin Worrall, Hazel Worrell.

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