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Dick Whittington And His Cat

The Wizard of Oz

The Directors

Dennis Arthurs & Peter Clague

Directors' Notes
Peter and Dennis welcome you to this first production by Careline Theatre for 2014.

We are indebted to Suzanna Mace and Roger Dean for their assistance in putting on this production which started in June last year. A big thank you to all the backstage crew whom you never see and without whose
tireless efforts we wouldn't have a show, to Janet Walker who has clothed us and to our front of house staff and everyone else. too many to mention individually, we give sincere thanks.

We enjoyed putting the show together (well mostly) and hope that you all enjoy Dick Whittington and His Cat.
A safe and healthy New Year to you all.

Dennis Arthurs & Peter Clague


Cast of Characters
(In Order of Appearance)

Fairy Bow Bells

Kaye Stubley
Queen Rat Candida Wright
Captain Scott Hamer
Alice Fitzwarren Elysha Fish
Aldennan Fitzwarren Alan Gill
Sarah the Cook Robin Baxter
ldle Jack Lily Hamer
Tommy the Cat Abigail Baldwin
Dick Whittington Olivia Partington
Gnashfang James Harris
Gnawbone Tasha Fish
The Sultan of Morocco Andy Crabb


Adult Chorus & Dancers

Ian Coleman, Dorothy Fish, Arnica Honing, Janet Walker

Junior Chorus & Dancers
Tasha Baldwin, Megan Birch, Emma Clay, Ollie Clay, Alex Hamer, Rosalie Honing, Paige Keen, Connie Levey, Shayna Ortmaier

Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb
Assistant Stage Managers Marian Carter, Lynne Martin
Fly Team Neil Carter, Mike Wadsworth
Back Cloth Design & Painting Andy Crabb
Assisted by Marian & Neil Carter, Scott Hamer, Helen & Mike Wadsworth, Lynn Wishart
Constructors of Set Pieces Mike Wadsworth
Lighting Director Don Hanson
Follow Spots Celia & Vernon Pearce
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Walker
Milliner, Wigs & Accessories Kaye Stubley
Hair Stylist Scott Hamer
Make up Artist Lauren Staton
Props Lynn Wishart
Dame’s Dresser Helen Baxter
Chorus Dressers Lynn Mace, Caroline Clay, Jayne Harris, Sue Keen, Georgia Levey, Sylvie Ortmeier
Front of House Managers Jenny Hart, Gill Ward,
Colin Worrall
Front of House Staff Anna Cameron, Keith Hart, Maggie & Tony Lawley, Alison Mclnnes, Anne & Derek Martyr, Patricia
Taylor, Ken Ward, David Williams, Mary Wood
Bar Manager Helen Wadsworth
Bar Staff Marian & Neil Carter, Debbie Connolly, Elaine Farrow, Sara Hamer, Andy Headford-Lord, Peter Morgan,
Andy Orr, Anne Martyr
Box Office Debbie Conolly
Photography Scott Hamer
Press & Publicity Helen Wadsworth, Brenda Taylor, Sylvia Johnson
Poster & Programme Candida Wright, Sonia Crabb



Suzanna Mace
Musical Director
Roger Dean
Suzanna Mace
  Roger Dean

Kaye Stubley - Fairy Bow Bells

Kaye Stubley - Fairy Bow Bells

From a Showbiz family, Kaye first trod the boards at the age of three in Babes in the Wood.
The rest is history. She has appeared for Careline in many roles, including: Concheeta Costa del
Sol, Welma von Walzverg, Rhumm Baa Baa, Mrs Pike, Bernice in Sandcastles, The Leper in Nails for the Carpenter, Witch of the North and the “knee supported” fairy in The Good Old Days whom nobody loved! Kaye hopes that you will enjoy the Panto and a very different Fairy Bow Bells.

Candida Wright - Queen Rat

Candida Wright - Queen Rat Here she is again, playing one of her favourite characters, a baddie! Candida is at her happiest if either as a comedienne or as a panto villainess. Although she would have preferred to be the Fairy for a laugh, she was convinced that this part was hers once again, having previously played Queen Rat in the Careline production of Dick Whittington in 1999. She hopes she will give you something to boo and hiss at to your heart’s content, but take care...she may be behind you!

Scott Hamer - Captain Cuttle
Brenda SmetScott Hamer - Captain CuttleScott is positively ecstatic that the Panto season is back! Having started treading the boards in last year’s pantomime, Scott has caught the theatrical bug! This production marks his fifth consecutive show. From the Gatekeeper of Oz to Alan the lovestruck hot-head and now Captain Cuttle of The Good Ship Lollipop, Scott’s favourite part of theatre is definitely trying new weird and wonderful accents for each role! He has enjoyed learning his solo this year and promises to give it his all!
Elysha Fish - Alice Fitzwarren
Roger BrowElysha Fish - Alice Fitzwarren

Elysha has been involved in the world of performing arts since the age of three. For all of these eleven years, she has loved every moment of it, and hopes to continue doing so throughout her life. This is Ely’s third year in Panto, and her second principal role, after playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz last year. This time as lovestruck Alice she even gets to visit Morocco!

Alan Gill - Alderman Fitzwarren

Alan Gill - Alderman FitzwarrenAlan's first experience of treading the boards was in the 1950s when he was in a school production of Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer. Following this milestone in his theatrical career, he “rested” for fifty years before being introduced to Careline and being offered the role of Private Godfrey in Dad's Army. Since then, having been unable to find the exit from the theatre, he has appeared in our pantomimes and as the Rev. Canon Casuble in The Importance of Being Earnest. Most recently, having discovered he can almost hold a tune, he performed beautifully in Careline's Those Good Old Days.

Robin Baxter - Sarah the Cook
Robin Baxter - Sarah the Cook

Robin joined Careline in 2002, happy to do anything that did not involve actually appearing on stage. Then in 2008 he was asked to play “You stupid boy, Pike” in Dad ’s Army. (No acting involved, you see.) He caught the bug, however, and then there was no stopping him. This is now his eleventh Careline production and his first time in a frock, at least in public! He is delighted that this production includes so many young and very talented cast members, including himself!

Lily Hamer - Idle Jack
Lily Hamer - Idle Jack

Lily has been with Careline Kids since 2009 and has performed in every Panto and many other productions since then. At just eleven years old, she is delighted to have been chosen to play the comic role of Jack, in this year’s Panto. Lily loves
acting, dancing and singing and hopes to fulfil her dream of becoming a professional actress in the future. Lily enjoys being part of the Careline group and hopes you enjoy this year’s production of Dick Whittington and His Cat.

Abigail Baldwin - Tommy The Cat

Abigail Baldwin - Tommy The Cat Abigail is a thirteen year old student at The Lady Elizabeth School. She attends Careline Kids on Saturday mornings and Careline Dance in the afternoons. She has never appeared in a pantomime before and though that she would give it a try this year. As Abigail has many cats, she is well practised in playing a feline. Abigail also enjoys singing, but doesn’t get to do much of it, whilst being Tommy. Lastly she hopes that everyone has had a very Merry Christmas

Olivia Partintgon - Dick Whittington
Kaye Stubley — Good Witch of the North

Olivia’s love for theatre started when she joined Careline almost ten years ago. Since then she has played many lead roles including Annie, Ashgirl, and Jane Eyre. She is now excited at accepting the challenge of Principal Boy. Olivia is studying A-levels at the moment and hopes to go to University in the UK later this year to study English and Drama. Despite her busy workload she refused to miss her last chance to perform in the Careline panto. She hopes you enjoy our performance of Dick Whittington and His Cat.

Andy Crabb - Sultan of Morocco
Andy Crabb - Sultan of Morocco

There is a thin streak of eccentricity which runs through Andy’s family. This has allowed him to play the crazed Begriffenfelt in Peer Gynt, and the demented Marcus in Tomb with a View. It has come to full fruition in his quirky interpretation of the otherwise bland Sultan of Morocco. He maintains that pantomime scripts are written for people to embellish, and that if there were no adaptations and inclusions, we would rapidly tire of the same old panto. In his free time he plays percussion in the village band and is writing his second volume of short stories with a Spanish flavour.

James Harris and Tasha Fish
The Sapphires Chorus
James Harris and Tasha Fish -
Gnashfang and Gnawbone,
The Ratpack
The Sapphires
Adult and Junior Chorus


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