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Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington - Fact & Fiction

Most British people have probably become familiar with the tale of Dick Whittington and his cat through the traditional pantomime. However, although the story became a legend shortly after his death, there is plenty of fact behind the fiction.

Richard Whittington was born in 1358 in Pauntley in Gloucestershire, the (possibly illegitimate) son of Sir William Whittington. On his father's death, Richard, although only 13 years of age, left home to seek his fortune in the big city of London. Unlike the pantomime story, he was never poor and he started his commercial career as an apprentice to a mercer, or merchant. He was employed at one time by an Alderman Fitzwarren, although it is not clear if he was Richard's first employer. What is known is that Richard did indeed marry Alice Fitzwarren. They lived happily, apparently, but not for ever after! Alice died in her fifties in 1416, seven years before her husband.

Whittington's own company supplied fine cloth to the aristocracy, perhaps importing some, more exotic supplies from foreign parts such as Morocco. At court, he gained contacts that eventually led him to supply King Richard II himself. He rose quickly, becoming Sheriff of London in 1394 and Master of the Mercer's Company in 1395, a position he held three times. According to "Who's Who In Late Medieval England", Richard Whittington was the "outstanding London merchant ofhis day".

In 1397 the King appointed him Mayor of London, a position to which he was later elected twice, in 1406 and again in 1420. By the time of his death in 1423 aged 65, Whittington had amassed a fortune totaling seven thousand pounds - making him the medieval equivalent of a multi-millionaire! Childless, he left his substantial fortune to charity. Thanks to careful investments by the executors of his will, Whittington's riches still provide charities such as Scope, Gingerbread and the YMCA with much needed funding. In 1996, the fund donated over £2m to a variety of charities. Not a bad annual return on an initial investment of just £7,000!

His memorial (pictured above) stands proudly at Highgate Hill in London. Of the cat, however, there is no record!

Script adaptation and additional dialogue by Graham B. Chadwick

The entire production Directed by JOHN A. BOOTH

CAST, in order of appearance

Queen Rat

Candida Wright

Spirit of the Bells
Ann Hosking
Dick Whittington
Lisa Love
Idle Jack
Peter Clague
Tony Hennell
Brenda Cook
Sarah the Cook
Graham B. Chadwick
Alderman Fitzwarren
Rick Rosewell
Tommy the Cat
Debbie Rowbotham
Alice Fitzwarren
Bonita Hughes
Sultan of Morocco
Richard McEnery
Roy Martin

Choreographer & Chorus Mistress:


David Ash (Musical Director & Keyboard), Brian Lintern (Drums)

Chorus and Dancers
Olive Baker, Jean Barber, Shirley Barrett, Rita Brett, Linda Chadwick Margaret Cordery, Elaine A. Farrow, Violet Lorraíne, Jean Martin, Lynne Parsons, Jenny Roberts, Pamela Símon, Hazel Worrall, Ray Baker, Terry Farrow, Bill Parsons, Colin Worrall
Maica Ballester Gonzalez, Lara Juana Lloret, Alex McEnery, Josephine Penny, Cristian Pereto Revill
Stage Manager


Assistant Stage Manager
Bill Parsons


Shirley Dagger, Pat Johnston
Sound Board Operator

Brian Hight

Lighting Board Operator
Raymond Davis
Follow-Spot Operators
Charlie Lennon, Tony Wilkins

Stage Staff & Scenery Design and Production

Bill Parsons, Terry Farrow, Roy Martin, Brian Hight, Brian Maskell, Darren Gilbert

Scenery & Props Painting
Mary Roberts

Wardrobe Mistress

Elaine A. Farrow

Wardrobe Assistants

Jenny Roberts, Hazel Worrall, Gill Orchard, Linda Chadwick, Lynne Parsons, Olive Baker, Shirley Barrett, Vi Skinner, Margaret Cordery, Jean Martin, Angela Macadam

Dressers and Make-Up

Freda Clague, Gina Gonzalez, Ann Rosewel I

Front Of House Manager

Brian Hatch

Catering Manager

Norman Hall
Box Office Ticket Sales
Jeanne Maskell
Programme Planning & Design

Graham B. Chadwick

Programme Advertising Sales
Peter Hosking, Richard McEnery

Advertising, Press & Public Relations

Angela Webb

Front Of House Staff
Ben Bloch, Alan Brett, Bill Burke, Delia Burke, Bert Cook, Sue Dearson, Barbara Dunshirn, Barbara Evans, Bill Gascoigne, Doreen Gascoigne, Elsie Juett, Karen Hall, Ian Lanigan, Tony Lanigan, Pauline Lintern, Jeanne Maskell, Sylvia McEnery, Vida Pearce, Steve Penny

LISA LOVE (Dick Whittington)

Lisa learned much of her early singing skill here in Spain, performing in many venues as a solo artiste and also with keyboard player David Ray. Since then she has performed on cruise ships around USA and worked professionally in Hong Kong as well as UK. Lisa played The Spirit Of The Bells in the E&B/AMG professional production of  Dick Whittington in Lincoln in 1997, appearing alongside Colin Baker (Dr Who) and Cy Chadwick and Diana Davies from Emmerdale. Last year she flew to Spain specially for two weeks to stand in for Princess Jill in Jack & The Beanstalk.


Candy started very young as a singer and dancer and has appeared with many theatre groups in this area since coming to live in Spain as a teenager. Her first appearance with Careline Theatre was as Dance Captain in our revue. PuttingOn The Style. She had a tremendous success as Jack in our Jack And The Beanstalk last year, following that up with a strong comedy role as the suicidal Darlene in our last play, Do Not Disturb.   Great fun to be around, she is a singer, dancer and actress and has great looks as well.  What more could you want'? Candy is a considerable asset to Careline Theatre.


A seasoned performer with one of the best-known faces around this area. Peter has starred with quite a number of different theatre groups. Even though he is a strong actor, Peter is probably better known to us as a singer with a fine voice and the ability to "put over a song" with style. Peter's first performance with Careline Theatre was as Buttons in our first pantomime, Cinderella. He also appeared as a solo singer in our production of Putting On The Style.


Graham is still frequently accosted in the streets with the greeting "Hiya, Billy", following his part as Silly Billy in Jack & The Beanstalk. Goodness knows what he'll get after this one! Yes, it's back to skirts again for Graham, having been an Ugly Sister in Cinderella. However, acting has always been his forte and he really enjoyed the part of John Smith, the bigamous taxi driver in Run For Your Wife. Although having directed many plays and shows in UK, last year he had his first chance to direct in Spain with Do Not Disturb, a role he found particularly daunting in view of the wide range of ability and experience of the cast and the high standards set by John A. Booth as our resident Director
RICK ROSEWELL (Alderman Fitzwarren)

With a background which includes being a Butlins Redcoat and member of the famous George Mitchell Singers, Rick brings a wealth of experience to Careline Theatre. His first appearance with us was in Cinderella, when he played Baron Hardup. He then had great success with the comic role of Det Sgt Porterhouse in our production of Run For Your Wife before donning skirts to become Dame Trott in last year's Jack & The Beanstalk. Tonight he is again a key member of the comedy team.


Brenda was the elegant Dandini in our first pantomime, Cinderella, and followed that a year later with a memorable role as the 'giant's henchman', the evil Fleshcreep, in Jack & The Beanstalk. This time around Brenda is playing her first comedy role for Careline Theatre. She is well suited for the part though, because she has a wicked sense of humour and is well known for always cracking jokes. She is also a singer and a more than capable dancer, talents which she also brought to our production of Putting On The Style.


Debbie has lived in Spain only since September '98. She is a professional dancer and has exercised her talent in shows in Hong Kong, Portugal and Japan as well as UK. She is also a successful fashion and photographic model and has carried out a number of prestigious assignments whilst in Spain. Shame those looks and figure are hidden under a cat suit! Debbie hails from Manchester and no doubt her bubbly sense of humour is inherited - father Steve Row is a top comedian in the North of England.

TONY HENNELL (The Captain)

This is Tony's first appearance with Careline Theatre, and we hope it won't he his last. He has previously appeared in several comedy roles. perhaps most memorably with Mediterranean Players as Nurse in then production of Babes In The Wood. A measure of Tony's dedication and enthusiasm is that he has driven over from Calpe for all our rehearsals and performances. A role as a seafaring Captain should suit Tony well - he was a Marine in his younger days!

ANN HOSKING (Spirit Of The Bells)

This may be the first time that Ann has 'trodden the boards', but she has tackled the part of the fairy with great good humour and a fierce determination to succeed. She is an enthusiastic dance student and she surprised many of us when she chose to present a comedy poem as a very successful solo act in our in­house Showcase 2 in September last year. Previously better known as the wife of 'Trombone Pete' and a zealous organiser of whist drives, Careline Theatre has opened up a whole new panorama for Ann. Let's hope she goes on to do many more shows with us.

BONITA HUGHES (Alice Fitzwarren)

Bonny and her husband have only recently moved into their house in Benichembla and, having joined Careline Theatre, she must wonder what on earth has hit her. She is another making a first venture into amateur theatre, but this is by no means her first appearance on stage. As a child, back home in Scotland, she trained for many years as a dancer and appeared in numerous productions both singing and dancing. It looks as though she has taken quite naturally to acting and, with her dancing and singing capabilities, Bonny is surely going to be a talented asset to us in the future.

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