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Dad's Army

Local Defence Volunteers

It was with considerable haste during the spring of 1940, that Britain began to prepare itself for a potential German invasion. With the government all too aware of how real this threat was becoming and how it was affecting Britain's morale,it began to think up ways of how the country could be helped should the unthinkable ever happen. As a direct result of one of the darkest days of World Was Two (on the 14th May 1940), where Germany had poured into France practically unchallenged, the war minister Anthony Eden gave a now historic radio broadcast to the nation. In it, he warned of the threat of invasion by means of German parachute regiments and how this awful scenario would need an established fighting force already in place to see off these unwanted visitors. He urged all male civilians aged 17-65* who had (for whatever reason) not been drafted into the services, to put themselves forward for the sake of the country and help to form a new fighting force called 'The Local Defence Volunteers' or LDV for short, or (as some people later joked), 'Look, Duck and Vanish'! *It's worth noting that this age band was not always adhered to. The oldest member of the Home Guard (as the LDV was later become known) was apparently well into his eighties!

The Godiva Affair

Cast of Characters

Captain Mainwaring Chris Moore

Sergeant Wilson

Ian Coleman
Lance Corporal Jones Andy Crabb
Private Frazer Peter Clague
Private Godfrey Alan Gill
Private Cheeseman Colin Worrall
Private Pike Robin Baxter
Private Sponge George King
Private Hancock Derek Stubley
Private Day Roy Martin
Mrs Fox Linda Arthurs
Waitress Hannah Amos
Chief Warden Hodges Jim Stewart
The Verger

David Henderson
The Vicar Dennis Arthurs
The Town Clerk John Pollitt
Mrs Pike Kaye Stubley
The Girls Hannah Amos Danielle Harwood Victoria Stewart Georgia Wright
The Action takes place in Walmington-on-Sea on the south coast of England Time - 1940
The Deadly Attachment

Captain Mainwaring

Chris Moore
Sergeant Wilson Ian Coleman
Lance Corporal Jones Andy Crabb
Private Frazer Peter Clague
Private Walker Lee Walker
Private Godfrey Alan Gill
Private Pike Robin Baxter
U-Boat Captain Jim Sissens
Chief Warden Hodges Jim Stewart
Verger David Henderson
Colonel John Pollitt
Private Sponge George King
Private Cheeseman Colin Worrall
Private Hancock Derek Stubley
Nazi Sailors Ben Davis Tom Francis Caryl Patterson Joe Staton

The action takes place in the church hall and office at Walmington­on-Sea on the south coast of England Time - 1940


Candy Wright

Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb

Assistant Stage Manager

Dennis Arthurs

Set Construction

John Pollitt


Dave Henderson


Robin Baxter

Backstage Crew

The `Boys' of `Dad's Army'


Andy Crabb


Sylvia Johnson


Brenda Taylor

Sound and Lighting

Desmond Webb


Roger Dean


June Booth


Freda Clague

Front of House Manager

Elaine Farrow

Front of House Staff

Stephanie Herrod, Dawn & Stuart Barton, Anne & Derek Martyr, Sandra Williams, Ann Hosking, Bill & Lyn Parsons, Hazel Worrall, Jan Walker, Mary King, Helen Baxter


Jan Walker, Hazel Worrall, Elaine Farrow, Kaye Stubley


David Williams

Box Office Ticket Sales

Shirley Barrett


Candy Wríght


Elaine Farrow


Chris Moore -'Capt. Mainwaring'

Chris MooreChris and his wife Pat moved to Spain 6 years ago after having served 30 years with the fire service. He was last seen on stage at the ripe old age of 14 whilst still at school. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he was `thrown into the deep end' to play Captain Mainwaring just three and a half weeks ago! They are constantly seeking new hobbies, but Chris says there are not enough days in the week in which to pursue them! Welcome to Careline Chris.
Ian Coleman -Sgt. Wilson'
Ian ColemanAfter playing a very convincing Rene in 'Allo 'Allo and the evil squire in Red Riding Hood it's now a complete change of character to play Sgt Wilson. There's plenty of variety and never a dull moment with Careline!! Ian has been a member of the theatre group for 3 yrs and he also plays drums with " The Hornets" and enjoys being in front of live audiences. Previous experience on stage was at school playing Shakespeare and light comedy.
Andy Crabb -'Corporal Jones'

Andy CrabbAndy says he has inflicted himself on audiences in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Spain, and has no pretentions about being an actor, but prides himself on being able to make theatre props out of material largely gathered from the local tip! We say Andy is a invaluable member of Careline Theatre on and off stage!

Peter Clague - `Pte. Frazer'
Peter ClaguePeter has been involved with many aspects of theatre, including Panto, Cabaret, Light opera as well as all three performances with `Viva La Opera' He has performed with Costa Barber Singers, The Harlequins, Theatre Express, Stage Door and the Javea Players. Peter has been with Careline since its inception, and played `Buttons' in our very first Panto over 11 years ago. He has played many roles since, and long may it continue!
Alan Gill -'Pte Godfrey'

Alan GillAfter serving thirty years in the Air Traffic Control branch of the RAF followed by ten years as supervisor in the Terminal Control Centre at Eurotunnel, Alan took early retirement and moved to Spain six years ago with his wife Ann. His appearance in Dad's Army is his first time on stage since he was in a couple of productions at school in the 50's. This is his very first performance with Careline, playing the wonderful Pte. Godfrey, and, after the reviews, it certainly won't be his last!

Robin Baxter - `Pte Pike'

Robin Baxter Robin moved to Spain in 2002 and soon became involved with Careline Theatre, working mostly back-stage and front-of-house. Before "Pike" his only appearances on-stage were the faded super-star in the comedy sketch "Groupies" for the Careline Club Night (March 2005) and a Roman Soldier in `Nails For The Carpenter' (Easter 2007 and 2008). Robin lives in Alcalali with his wife Helen and their four cats.

Lee Davis - `Pte Walker'

Lee DavisLee is making his acting debut with Careline Theatre not before time!} having been a successful actor in the UK, playing roles too numerous to mention. Lee teaches drama at The Lady Elizabeth school & runs our Careline Kid's, he is also an active member of our Committee. Lee moved to Spain five years ago with his wife Marcella and their two boys. He says he still prefers his previous job - being an `out of work' actor!

Jim Sissens - 'U-Boat Captain'
Jim SissensJim brings a wealth of experience as an amateur performer and Director in the UK. His most prestigious roles have been Kipps in `Half a Sixpence' Billis in South Pacific and Fagin in `Oliver' as well, as numerous other supporting roles. He joined Careline six years ago and played the Dame in our production of Mother Goose. As well as performing on stage Jim has experience in nearly every aspect of Amateur Theatre. However, his first love is in Directing and this year saw his debut as Director with Careline in our very successful Panto `Red Riding Hood'
Colin Worrall - `Cheeseman'

Colin WorrallColin retired to Spain 20 years ago with his wife Hazel, and have both spent 1() years with Careline Theatre.. He has been very active both on stage (6 pantomimes including "Wishy Washy" in Aladdin) also numerous plays at Fontilles and Alcalali, he also enjoys working back-stage and front of house. He retired from acting two years ago but couldn't resist the chance to perform in "Dads Army" which he is enjoying immensely.

John Pollitt - 'The Colonel' & 'Town Clerk'
John PollittJohn has been with Careline for over five years and during that time has built lots of sets- including this one, and our lovely bar. John last appeared on stage over 50 years ago in a Shakespearean play at school. He complains he was drafted into `Dad's Army' at gunpoint. A likely story John!
George King - 'Pte Sponge'

George KingGeorge and his wife Mary moved to Spain over six years ago from East Sussex. His experience with Careline. has hitherto involved set building, back­stage, and front of house and also cuts a mean lemon at the bar! This is his first acting experience on stage in a role that was landed following a "slip of the tongue" to the Director! Welcome to the Careline stage George!

Dennis Arthurs - 'The Vicar'

Dennis Arthurs After successfully directing our last play Farndale's `A Christmas Carol' Dennis is now back at what he enjoys most, acting. From the ridiculous (Dame in the last two Careline Pantos) to the sublime (the Vicar), Dennis is praying for inspiration so as to carry off this serious role in the midst of this comedy par excellence. Oh yes he will!

David Walker Henderson - 'The Verger'

David Walker HendersonDave has lived in Spain for 6 years with his partner Jan. He is usually seen helping out backstage, but was asked to play `The armless man' in our very successful Club Night 'Allo 'Allo last May, to which he reluctantly agreed. When he knew we were staging `Dad's Army' he jumped at the chance of a part and landed the role as `The Verger'. He is now hooked - watch this space!

Jim Stewart - `Hodges'
Jim StewartJim is a partner in `Trotter Bruvers' and has lived in Spain for four years. He is married with three daughters, Emma, Victoria - who was our Red Riding Hood, and Charlotte. This is his first time on stage since childhood. He had a very short career as a stand-up comedian, and he says when you see him, you'll understand why! He was born in Liverpool so says check your car when you leave the theatre!
Linda Arthurs - 'Mrs. Fox'

Linda ArthursAfter being a Felicity (twice), Fred and a Fairy, Linda is delighted to be tackling another character whose name begins with 'F'. For those of a nervous disposition, and who might be wondering, no, she will not appear dressed solely in 'fleshings' and a long wig so you can uncover your eyes in safety. For the information of any potential 'gentleman friends', she has vacancies on Thursdays and Sundays!

Kaye Stubley - 'Mrs. Pike'
Kaye Stubley'New chick on the block' to Careline Theatre, Kaye first appeared for us in the chorus of `Red Riding Hood'. From a musical and stage family, she danced on stage at aged four in Babes in the Wood and says she still gets lost! Kaye has performed in many shows & cabarets in the UK and Spain, and her claim to fame is representing the South West of England in `Come Dancing', and once danced with the Blairs - Lionel & Joyce not the others! Kaye loves the character of Mrs. Pike and says she has a licence for her handbag!
Derek Stubley - `Pte Hancock'

Derek StubleyA new member to Careline, Derek loves all aspects of theatre work He started as a member of the backstage crew at Benidorm Palace and also worked the other side. of the curtain. Derek has appeared in cabarets & shows, and has played piano professionally and enjoys singing. He assisted back stage with '`Red Riding Hood", but this time is in front of the curtains and is enjoying getting back into uniform, and he certainly cuts a mean figure with his rifle.


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