Careline Theatre Alcalali


Script by Norman Robbins

The entire production Directed by JOHN A. BOOTH

The Director
Musical Director
John A. Booth
June A. Booth
Roger Dean


In order of appearance

Dandini - Squire to the Prince 

Susan Holley
Buttons - Page to Baron Hardupp
Peter Clague
Cinderella - The Baron's Daughter
Kelly Cottom
Baron Hardupp of Stoneybroke Hall
Andy Crabb
Baroness Hardupp - His new Wife
Brenda Taylor
Asphyxia )
Rick Rosewell
Euthanasia )  Her two Daughters
Candy Wright
Colin Worrall
Tongs) The Broker's men
Andy McEnery
Prince Charming of Castle Glamorous
Dorothy Fish
Fairy Godmother
Brigid Redmond
Major Domo
Roy Martin
Jim Sissens


Linda Chadwick, Lynne Parsons, Pat Gray, Shirley Barratt, Elaine Farrow, Margaret Cordery, Ann Hosking, Hazel Worrall, Lynne Wishart, Jenny Burke

June's Juveniles
Leah Thorman, Lauren McKinnon, Cassandra Padgett, Aimée Stokes, Gabrielle Harvey

Choreographer & Chorus Mistress

Special Musical Arrangements by ROGER DEAN

Stage Director

John A. Booth
Stage Manager
Bill Parsons
John Redmond & Anita Smith
Props Manufacture
Andy Crabb
Sound Board Operator
Brian Hight
Lighting Board Operator
Desmond Webb
Follow Spot Operators
Victor Smith & John Pollitt
Stage Staff & Scenery Construction
Bill Parsons, Robin Baxter Jim Sissens, Roy Martin Brian Schnabel, Barry Long, Richard McEnery
Scenic Decoration
Brian Denton
Sonia Crabb
Wardrobe Department
Anne Atkinson, Jan Walker, Elaine Farrow, Sheila Lommax, Jenny Roberts & Hazel Worrall
House Manager
Peter Saunders
FOH Staff
Sylvia Hight, Stephanie Herod, Roger Wheaton, Norman Smith, Jean Smith, Sylvia McEnery, Sally Long, Stuart Wishart, Roger Fish, Lynne Lamont, John Lamont & Pat Johnston

Bar Management

Brenda Cook, David Smethurst, Peter Hosking

Ticket Sales

Ann & Rick Rosewell


Kelly Cottom - 'Cinderella'

Kelly's first performance was at the age of 16 in "Castle Theatre's" Production of "Move Over Mrs Markum". Her performance with "Careline Theatre" brought out her talent for comedy when she played WPC Pong in Aladdin. She sings professionally in the group Kelly's Hero's and will tour Spain next year with them. Kelly hopes that she will delight you with her portrayal of Cinderella.

Dorothy Fish - 'Prince Charming'

Dorothy has had a great deal of experience playing many varied roles with Operatic Societies in the UK. She was seen with us as the wonderful Mrs Fraser, the pianist, in our two presentations of `Stepping Out' Tonight sees her in a very different role as a pantomime Principal Boy as she was in our last pantomime `Puss in Boots'

Peter Clague - 'Buttons'

Peter has been involved in the theatre for many years. He has undertaken many roles but his first love has always been music. He appeared in all three Viva la Opera performances which he found to be a wonderful experience. He has played "Count Danilo" in "The Merry Widow", Grosvenor in "Patience" and other lighter roles. He is enjoying playing the role of Buttons a part he played in Careline's first production 7 years ago.

Rick Rosewell - 'Asphyxia'

Rick was a Butlins Red Coat in his early years and this gave him an interest in the Theatre which has persisted ever since. He has played a variety of roles with the Company and this is his third time "in skirts" in pantomime with the Careiine Theatre.

Candy Wright - 'Euthanasia'

Candy first appeared on stage at the tender age of six when she lived in the UK, and performed every year with her dance school at Richmond Theatre. She has appeared in many productions with Castle Theatre and Careline Theatre. One of her favourite roles has been the gum­chewing `Sylvia' in `Stepping Out' Her hopes for this Panto is that you find her irritatingly, gorgeously horrid!

Susan Holley - 'Dandini'

Sue has appeared in one pantomime before this and that was "Puss in Boots" in which she played Puss. Since then she has produced and appeared in "Cole" in Teulada and "Lets all go down the Strand" at Denia Casa de Cultura.

Brenda Taylor - 'Baroness'

Seeped in all aspects of amateur dramatics (including whisky on her cornflakes ?) for many a decade whenever she and long-suffering husband, Bill, have lived. Arrived in Benidoleig in June and delighted to be accepted by Careline ! Thoroughly enjoying her first foray into pantomime. Typecast!

Andy Crabb - 'Baron'

Andy has never been to Drama School, can't sing and dance at the same time, can't read music and plays no musical instrument. He has, nevertheless, danced in four ballets, dabbled in Victorian Musical Hall, written plays made props, painted sets, acted in farces and played "The Baddie" in his last ten pantomimes. What he lacks in talent he makes up for in enthusiasm.

Colin Worrall - 'Ammer'

Colin joined Careline Theatre in 1998 to help back-stage. He was then press-ganged into the chorus in `Dick Whittington' and has since appeared in all the pantomimes and three plays. He says he is still learning and is still enjoying it!

Alex McEnery - 'Tongs'

Alex is credited with the very first lines spoken in a Careline Production. Since then he has made numerous appearances on the Fontilles stage and has also made guest appearances with other Theatre Groups on the Costa Blanca. Once again he celebrates his birthday during rehearsals. Now 17 he is determined to become a Theatre Player, we wish him lots of luck.

Brigid Redmond - 'Fairy Godmother'

Brigid took elocution / drama lessons as a young child and later joined various Amateur Dramatic Societies in various countries participating in Reviews, Minstrel Shows and as part of the Chorus in South Pacific and Joseph's Tech Dreamscoat, Brigadoon etc. Since arriving in Spain she has joined Careline and has enjoyed helping with previous productions and now performing "magic" as the Fairy Godmother!


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