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Cinderella January 1997

In December our Sprite of the Pantomime, Alex McEnery, spent his 10th birthday, not at a party with jelly and cakes, but at rehearsal. A few days later Joe Simmons, Anastasia, celebrated his 75th birthday which he used to raise another 40,000 Pesetas for Careline Theatre. The two of them probably epitomise the degree of enthusiasm for Careline Theatre and for our first presentation "Cinderella". Not many 75 year olds would react well to taking up knockabout comedy from a background of operatic roles. Not many 10 year olds would know everybody else's songs and dances and most of their lines as well! Alex and Joe are just two examples of members of the new Careline Theatre reacting remarkably well to new challenges.

Margaret Corderey had never sung, danced nor acted in public before she got involved. Hard to believe when you see her breeze through her role as the dashing Prince Charming. As her 'sidekick', Dandini, Brenda Cook had to dig deep to rediscover the skills which she learned years ago as a Butlins Redcoat. For the blissfully naive Cinderella, Angela Lovell had to adapt her talent and training as a serious dramatic actress and combine rehearsals with looking after her two small children. None of Graham Chadwick's previous roles had quite prepared him for the culture shock of becoming a panto dame, Gertrude, and Rick Rosewell had done virtually nothing on stage since his days in The George Mitchell Singers until he applied himself to the role of Baron Hardup.

The most currently active amongst our principals was Peter Clague. Buttons gives Peter scope to exercise his fine vocal and comedy talents which have been seen to good effect in many productions of The HarIequins Theatre Group and others. Jon Barrie stepped into the role of The Balliff late in December and Pamela Simon took on The Fairy Godmother at the same tine, as two members of our original cast were sadly forced to step down

Amongst our chorus and dancers we have the same sort of extraordinary mix: ex-professionals and very experienced amateurs alongside first-timers on stage, all throwing themselves into their roles with tremendous enthusiasm. The great spirit amongst the whole cast throughout the rehearsal period is a tribute to the sensitive and understanding direction given by John and June Booth.

The members on stage are, however, just a part of the team as a whole, mid it is backstage and and front-of-house where much of our expertise lies. There is a great deal of technical and artistic experience and capability blended together to put on this show. We are confident that the final result will provide considerably more than many people expect of a first show from a new group. "Cinderella" will set a high standard upon which we intend to build for future plays and musicals in the Fontllles theatre. Careline Theatre has arrived!

Entire Production Directed by John A. Booth
Cast (in order of appearance)
The Sprite of Pantomine
Alex McEnery
Brenda Cook
Baron Hardup
Rick Rosewell
Joe Simmons
Graham Chadwick
Angela Lovell
The Bailiff
Jon Barrie
Peter Clague
Prince Charming
Margaret Corderey
Fairy Godmother
Pamela Simon
Major Domo
Terry Farrow
Choreographer & Chorus Mistress June A. Booth, A.R.A.D., A.I.S.T.D.
Assistant Director Graham B. Chadwick. Prompt Margaret Jones

Music: Linda D. Sanderson, L.R.A.M., L.C.C.M.D. (Keyboard)
and Brian Linton (Drums)


Olive Baker, Freda Clague, Jean Martin, Lynn Parsons, Betty Pitt, Paul Chadwick, Terry Farrow, Roy Martin, Bill Parsons and Alex McEnery


Jean Barber, Rita Brett, Linda Chadwick, Elaine A. Farrow, Ray Hatch, Margaret Jones, Vi Skinner

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