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Cash on Delivery

Cash On Delivery

The Director

Jim Sissens

Jim Sissens

Cash on Delivery', is a quintessential British farce loaded with loony characters who make so many entrances and exits through the set's four doors that the whole affair often looks like a human pinball machine.

Landlord Eric is defrauding the benefits system by accepting various types of financial support for former and fictitious boarders. The scheme seems to be on the verge of collapse when bureaucrats from the department of Social Security show up to check on the claims being made. Chaos ensues, as Eric and his boarder, Norman, try to weave a web of deceit, along with a rampant washing machine that seems to have a mind of its own.

Cast in order of appearance
Linda Swan

Margaret Cordery

Eric Swan Dennis Arthurs
Norman Bassett Chris Moore
Mr Jenkins Robin Baxter
Uncle George Caryl Patterson
Sally Leigh Patterson
Dr. Chapman Tony Lawley
Forbright Bill Kent
Ms. Cowper Linda Arthurs
Brenda Rachel Hughes

Stage Manager Sonia Crabb
Assistant Stage Manager Andy Crabb
Properties Sylvia Johnson
Costumes Janet Walker
Sound & Lighting Desmond Webb
Set Design John Pollitt, Jim Sissens
Set Construction & Decoration John Pollitt, Jim Sissens, Caryl Patterson, Alan Gill, George King, Dave Henderson, Lee Walker, Mike Wadsworth, Robin Baxter
Music & Sound Effects Roger Dean
Prompt Candy Wright
Front of House Manager Gill Ward
Front of House Staff Maggie Lawley, Helen Baxter, Peter Claque, Freda Claque, Pat Gray, Colin Worrall, Elaine Farrow, Ann Martyr, Derek Martyr
Bar Management & Staff Jennie & Keith Hart, George King
Box Office Candy Wright
Publicity Bernard King
Programme Elaine Farrow

Linda Arthurs - Ms Cowper

Linda ArthursLinda joined Careline Theatre almost four years ago and has played a variety of comic roles, most recently as 'Mrs Fox' in 'Dad's Army' and foul-mouthed 'Emily' in 'Tomb with a View'. In pantomimes she has progressed from the 'Good Fairy' in 'Sleeping Beauty' to the wicked witch, 'Countess Cruella' in 'Beauty and the Beast'. In this farce she returns to her first role for Careline as a social worker, the stern 'Ms Cowper' and is looking forward to being groped by her husband.

Tony Lawley - Dr Chapman
Tony LawleyTony joined Careline Theatre several years ago and has appeared in four pantomimes, 'Caught in the Net', 'Alio Alio', 'Nails', and most recently as the Lawyer 'Penworthy' in 'Tomb with a View'. He is very much looking forward to the role of 'Dr Chapman' in this show. Tony and wife Maggie have lived locally for 13 years.
Bill Kent - Forbright

Bill KentBill joined Careline Theatre in 2002 and has acted in two Pantomimes and two farces - 'Caught in the Net' and 'Laying the Ghost'. Since then he has had two new hip replacements and is very happy to be back treading the boards in yet another farce - his favourite genre.

Rachel Hughes - Brenda

Rachel HughesRachel is 16 years old and has lived in Spain for seven years. She is studying for her A-Levels at The Lady Elizabeth School including performing arts. Next year she will attend University in Wales to study performance in media. She was in the Footlights production of 'Oliver' singing and acting, but this is her first play outside of school, and, indeed, her first role with Careline. Welcome Rachel!

Chris Moore - Norman
Chris MooreChris and his wife Pat have lived in Spain for 8 years now, and he is an avid member of Careline. This is his third attempt at treading the boards following his first role as 'Captain Mainwaring' in 'Dad's Army' and as a chorus member in our 'Snow White' pantomime. Having had a spell as back stage crew it was time to have another go.
Dennis Arthurs - Eric Swan

Dennis ArthursDennis has been with Careline Theatre for almost 4 years. Apart from playing the Vicar in 'Dad's Army', Dennis has tended to favour directing Careline comedies - 'The Farndale's', 'A Christmas Carol' and, most recently, 'A Tomb With A View'.Playing the part of Eric Swan will be quite a challenge for him. He wishes to reassure the audience that he has put away his Dame costumes for the time being but is now worried that Tourettes Syndrome is taking over his persona!

Leigh Patterson - Sally
Leigh PattersonLeigh has been with Careline theatre now for 3 years. She has been seen on stage as Miss Took and Hagwort the terrible troll in two pantos, but took a break from this year's production to concentrate on finishing her Degree. She might be the "Foot Angel" to many, working as a Podiatrist in Javea but she was more of a Devil in her last production playing Ann in Tomb with a view, and taking great pleasure in killing off her fellow actors one by one.
Robin Baxter - Mr Jenkins
Robin BaxterRobin joined Careline in 2002 and was happy to do anything that did not involve actually appearing on stage. However, with the support of other Careline members, he took on the part of 'you stupid boy, Pike' in 'Dad's Army'. He then tried his hand at panto and appeared as the clueless 'Muddles' in 'Snow White'. His last role was the accident prone 'Perry' in 'Tomb With A View'. Anyone see a pattern emerging here?
Margaret Cordery - Linda

Margaret CorderyMargaret played Prince Charming in our very first production 'Cinderella' in 1997. Since then she has appeared in numerous pantomimes showing off her dancing and tapping skills, as well as her lovely long legs! She has also been seen in lots of our plays in various roles, her favourite to date being that of the irritating and bitchy Vera in 'Stepping Out'. In this role, Margaret plays the slightly, hysterically confused Linda who seems to cry at the drop of a hat!

Caryl Patterson - Uncle George
Caryl PattersonDuring the three years Caryl has been a member of Careline he has assisted .'.ith a number of productions, working backstage, front of house and even working a spotlight for 'Red Riding Hood'. Caryl has also had a couple of minor parts, appearing in 'Dads Army', 'Allo Allo' and 'The Wedding Breakfast'. Playing 'Uncle George' is his first part with more than half a dozen lines. Caryl is married to Leigh and they live in Gata with their Cornish Rex cat called 'Red'



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