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Beauty and the Beast

Directed by Marian Carter



(in order of appearance

Fairy Rose Brenda Taylor
Countess Cruella Linda Arthurs
Gruesome Alan Gill
Grunge Ben Davis
Beauty Natasha Lakin
Joe Jarrod Ian Coleman
Gregory Peter Clague
Tutti Neil Carter
Frutti Dennis Arthurs
Lucy Lastic Candy Wright
Prince Valentine Kelly Thomas
Granny Bernard King
Flash Lightning

Margaret Cordery
Elaine Farrow

The Beast Andy Crabb

Director Marian Carter
Stage Manager
Sonia Crabb
Stage crew Robin Baxter, Trevor Brocklesby, Dave Henderson, Derek Martyr, Chris Moore, Jim Sissens, Lee Walker
Set Designer & Construction Superviser John Pollitt
Set Constructors Dave Henderson, Colin Worrall, Alan GiIl, Lee Walker, Caryl Patterson, Mike Wadsworth, Trevor Brocklesby, Vernon Pearce, Robin Baxter, Derek Stubby, George King, Chris Moore
Back-cloth & Set Painting Andy Crabb
Props Sylvia Johnson, Jayne Lovett
Lighting Desmond Webb
Follow spots Helen Baxter,Maggie Lawley
Wardrobe Mistress Jan Walker
Dresser Lynn Wishart
Headdresses, Hats & Wigs Elaine Farrow
Front of House Managers Hazel Worrall,Gill Ward
Front of House Staff Dawn Barton, Stuart Barton, Anne Martyr, Pat Gray, Freda Clague, Peter Hooker, Leigh Patterson, Caryl Patterson, JeanTumer, Colin Worrall, Dave WiIliams, Sandra Williams
Bar Management & Staff Keith & Jenny Hart, George King
Box Office Shirley Barrett, Candy Wright
Bernard King
Programme Elaine Farrow

Natasha Lakin - Beauty

Natasha LakinAfter playing Snow White in last year’s panto, Tasha was delighted to be chosen to play the leading lady for a second time. She as lived in Spain for eight years and is currently studying at the Lady Elizabeth
Senior School in Lliber. She has performed in various productions with other theatre groups such as “The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe”, “Annie”, and “Dracula Spectacular”, and is a member of Careline Kids. Tasha is thrilled to be performing with Careline again this year, and hopes you enjoy the performance!
Linda Arthurs - Countess Cruella
Linda ArthursLinda joined Careline Theatre 3 years ago and has played a variety of comic roles, most recently as Mrs Fox in ‘Dad’s Army’ and foul-mouthed Emily in ‘Tomb with a View’, In past pantomimes she has played the Good Fairy in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the Magic Mirror in ‘Snow White’. This year she is looking forward to all the hisses and boos she is bound to receive as the wicked Countess Cruella - cackle! cackle!
Dennis Arthurs - Frutti
Dennis ArthursDennis has been with Careline Theatre for 3 years. He is looking forward to being able to dress up as a female again having missed out on last year’s panto. It must be something to do with the outsize bras, the petticoats, colourful dresses and outrageous behaviour that makes these ‘female’ parts so alluring for him. Well, that’s what he tells us!
Neil Carter - Tutti
Neil CarterHaving enjoyed his first time performing for Caroline last year, Neil once again dons dresses and wigs to play a dame along side Dennis Arthurs. In October he took part in ‘Tomb with a View’ in which he played ‘Lucian’, a distinct departure from a cross-dresser and ended up losing his head! Let's hope it doesn’t happen this time!
Brenda Taylor - The Rose Fairy
Brenda Taylor“And now for something completely different”. From ‘Dotty’ Dora in ‘Tomb with a View’ to the Rose Fairy in ‘Beauty & the Beast’. Brenda has been involved in every Panto since joining Careline in 2003, either on
or back -stage as a ‘goody’ or a ‘baddie’. This ‘goody’ needs your support and encouragement for her ‘magic’ to work, so, lots of applause and cheers in the right places please!

Ian Coleman - Joe Jarrod

Ian ColemanNo Mr. Baddi this year back,.... back to Mr. Nice .... now in fourth year of panto and looking forward to the role of Beauty’s father. Ian has appeared in a number of other productions and really enjoys the camaraderie of a lively and fun cast. He is also active in a local band “Johnny and the Cougars”
Peter Clague - Gregory
Peter ClaguePeters’ involvement with amateur theatre began many years ago. He has performed with most groups in the Marina Alta in both acting and singing roles. Peter is a founder member of Careline and ‘Beauty & the Beast’ will be his eighth Panto with the group.

Andy Crabb - The Beast
Andy CrabbPantomime - is the most forgiving of the theatrical arts: it allows amateurs to “have a bash”, helps singers find their voices for the first time, and makes costume people, and carpenters feel desperately wanted. It is
this aspect which attracts me to pantomime: I am no carpenter, but I can make a pistol, sword, rabbit, or a musket look vaguely like what they are supposed to. The thing that terrifies me about it is being asked to sing solo!
Kelly Thomas - Prince Valentine
Kelly ThomasKellyThomas, first appeared at the age of 14 in the 2nd Careline panto “Jack and the Bean Stalk” as the mischievous “Fairy Fluff”. Since then she has been seen on Spanish television in Popstars & various TV programs as a presenter. She has more recently been all over the Valencian Community as a lead singer with the “Fiesta” band, “Titanic”. Kelly continues to study musical drama in Valencia at the “Escuela Off”. Her close ties to Careline are through her mother “Lucy Lastic”!!!
Candy Wright - Lucy Lastic
Candy Wright

After playing most panto roles from Principle Boy to Evil Baddy, Candy at last gets  a chance to play a female “Buttons” as Lucy. Her zany costume’s and crazy hairstyles only enhance the real comedienne
bubbling  under Candy’s character. Please note, she wants your chocolates!

Alan Gill - Gruesome
Alan GillAlan first appeared for Careline as Private Godfrey in Dad’s Army in May 2008 and was in the chorus for last year’s panto, Snow White. This year he has progressed to a half line speaking role in Beauty and The Beast as Gruesome, one of Countess Cruela’s two minions. The other half  of the line is spoken by his wicked partner, Grunge. Alan thinks he must be doing something almost correctly to have been asked back.
Ben Davis - Grunge
Ben DavisFollowing his success as the lead dwarf in last years panto Ben has this year taken the part of one of Cruella’s sinister side kicks. Not a lot to say but his presence is felt! Ben has been active in Careline pantos for a number of years as well as taking an active part in school production where he is studying Drama at GCSE level.
Bernard King - Gregory's Granny

Bernard KingBernard came to the Costa Blanca and started to play bit parts. He is still doing so. The part of Gregory’s Granny is his first ‘bit’ in drag and the first to require him to sing. It is his fond hope that audiences will indulge in a charitable amount of collective compassion for a grumpy old man, renowned for being a male chauvinist and totally tone deaf who finds himself in apron and petticoat.

The Junior Chorus
The Junior Chorus
Fleur Avery, Martina Barros, Leah Brett, Max Davis, Lily Hames, Georgina Lovett, Sophie Marshall, Jojo Thorman, Tori Thorman, Georgia Wright
The Chorus
The Chorus
Margaret Cordery, Elaine Farrow, Bill Parsons, Lynne Parsons, Celia Pearce, Vernon Pearce, Jan Walker

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