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Babes in the Wood

Welcome, We Need You!

Welcome to "Babes In The Wood", our fifth pantomime and, we hope, one of our very best. Careline Theatre has certainly come a long way in its first four and a half years. A look through this programme alone will illustrate the wide variety of entertainment which we have been able to provide for the area, and we believe that we have maintained our high standards throughout.

What might be considered as 'Stage One' of the development of Careline Theatre is perhaps about complete. The basic necessities (and a bit more besides) have been installed in the theatre to make it a functioning, adaptable environment. At the same time we have built a reputation and experience and shown ourselves to be capable of providing high quality theatrical entertainment. Maybe the time has come to consider that we are about to enter 'Stage Two'.

Stage Two would take us on to continue the development of the theatre and to present more and more productions to attract and entertain audiences from an ever widening catchment. In doing so, Careline Theatre should be in a comfortable position to provide increasing revenue for charity. However, to do that, we shall certainly need to have a greater number of people involved and willing to take responsibility.

As with many groups in all walks of life, the majorlty of the work entailed in running Careline Theatre is put in by a very small number of people. Those people simply cannot continue to work under the same continuing pressure and, even more certainly, cannot take on additional tasks to increase the output of the group. Unless more volunteers do come forward, the development of Careline Theatre, even its very existence will be in danger.

In short, we need YOU. We need you to volunteer to share the workload. Most of the jobs, both around the theatre and administrative, we can show you how to do if you don't already know. Your input will be most welcome and very much appreciated. If you are already a Member of Careline Theatre or even if you are just thinking about joining, the first step is to make sure you can attend our AGM in March (see Press for details) and discover just what you can do to help. Failing that, speak to one of our Members who will put you in touch with someone on the Committee.

Script by Norman Robbins
by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.
The entire production Directed by JOHN A. BOOTH
CAST, in order of appearance
Sheriff of Nottingham John Eland
Jack Alex McEnery
Jill Sophie Thorman
Nurse Glucose Rick Rosewell
Robin Hood Brenda Cook
Toyle Colin Worrall
Trubble Elaine Farrow
Maid Marion Kelly Cottom
The Woodland Fairy Lacey Avery
Friar Tuck Roy Martin
Alan A’Dale Dorothy Fish
Will Scarlet Margaret Cordery
Choreographer & Chorus Mistress
Special Musical Arrangements by Roger Dean
Additional accompaniment by Gill Sloot (keyboard)
Chorus Karen Avery, Olive Baker, Jean Barber, Shirley Barrett, Rita Brett, Linda Chadwick, Margaret Cordery, Dorothy Fish, Pat Gray, Anne Hosking, Bonita Hughes, Violet Lorraine, Lynne Parsons, Candy Wright, Hazel Worrall, Ray Baker, Bill Parsons
June’s Juveniles
Junes Juveniles Fleur Avery, Lauren Machenon, Jorden Pugsley, Leah Thorman
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager Bill Parsons
Properties John Rodman
Prompter Brigid Rodman
Sound Board Operator Brian Hight
Lighting Board Operator Raymond Davis
Follow-Spot Operators Terry Farrow, Tony Wilkins
Stage Staff & Scenery Design & Production Bill Parsons, Roy Martin, Ray Baker, Brian Maskell, Darren Hughes, Richard McEnery
Scenery Painting Brian Denton
Costume Design & Wardrobe
Mistress June A. Booth
Principals Costumes Rita Slade
Wardrobe Assistants
Hazel Worrall, Bonita Hughes, Karen Avery, Olive Baker, Margaret Cordery, Vi Skinner
Front of House Manager Alan Brett
Assistant Front of House Manager Pat Betts
Front of House Staff Barbara Astie, David Astie, Ray Barber, Stan Betts, Ben Bloch, Murray Brett, Bill Burke, Sue Dearson, Sylvia Hight, Sylvia Kent, Terry Kent, Richard McEnery, Sylvia McEnery
Nurse in attendance

Jeanne Maskell
Bar Manager Karen Hall
Bar Staff
Norman Hall, Bert Cook, Peter Hosking
Box Office Ticket Sales Sue Holley
Programme Design & Production Graham B. Chadwick
Programme Advertising Sales Sue Holley
Press & Publicity Sue Hoiley, Graham B. Chadwick
John A. Booth - Director

John A. Booth‘Babes In The Wood” is the fiftieth pantomime on which John Booth has worked. 50 pantomimes! Just think of it! It takes a lifetime in the theatre to clock up that number of pantomimes but, of course, that is exactly what John has had: a lifetime in the theatre.
In his very first panto, aged 7, John was Dopey in “Snow White. Even though the hair is getting pretty snowy these days, you could never accuse John of being dopey! In fact, it is his hyper-active and imaginative mind which, combined with all that experience, gives form and substance to this and every other show that he directs.

John learned ‘The Business’ in weekly rep, eventually broadening his experience on the technical side before moving into company and theatre management. Theatres in which he was worked include both the Opera House and the Palace in Manchester, Theatre Royal in Nottingham, and the famous City Varieties Theatre in Leeds. The list of artistes with whom he has worked is almost endless. It includes stars such as: Ken Dodd, Lulu, Danny LaRue, Norman Collier, Roy Castle, Vince Hill, Henry McGee, Ken Platt, Jim Bowen, Matt Munro, Ken Goodwin, Ronnie Hilton, etc., etc., etc..

Very fortunately for us, John has a remarkable sense of humour, a lot of patience, and the willingness to pass on the benefits of all that experience. He has successfully adapted his approach and his technique to bring the best out of amateurs, rather than professionals; even amateurs who may never even have been on stage before. He has also impressed his own philosophy on the Careline Theatre company, which he sums up in the simple phrase: “never be satisfied”.

Well, we are satisfied! We are more than satisfied that our Chairman has proved himself time and again to be able to resolve any aspect of theatre management. We are equally satisfied that our leadership has been first-class and that we could not have achieved half of what we have done without John's professional input.

Congratulations, John, on your 50th pantomime. We are proud to have been even a small part of such a tremendous achievement and we wish you many more to come.

June A. Booth - Choreographer & Chorus Mistress

June A. BoothLook at June's work schedule, particularly through the rehearsal period for a production such as this, and you wonder where on earth she gets the energy, never mind the time. She runs about a dozen weekly dance classes in Orba and Calpe for all ages, ranging from 6 to 70+, as well as being an examiner for the SIPBE.  She also runs keep­fit classes and has recently introduced Pilates into her schedule. Include the 6 or 7 weekly rehearsals she has to attend every week and you can see that you need to make an appointment if you want a word with her! Through all of this June constantly manages to keep a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. Her patience with one-footed dancers and uncoordinated cast members is amazing. A very experienced dancer herself, as well as dance teacher and a choreographer in the professional theatre, June has been there, done that, and probably designed and knitted the T-shirt herself! It is very rare indeed for her to feel the need to don her "Atilla The Hun" hat but, if you don't listen or don't try, watch out!

Roger Dean - Musical Arranger

Roger Dean started his musical career over fifty year ago as pianist with various dance bands around the north of England Since that time he spent a considerable amount of time working in the cruise ships on the east coast of America as a pianist,. as well as being band-leader arranger at the prestigious Royal Hotel in Scarborough U.K.

During the last 12 years he has worked with his wife, singer Amanda Lean as part of a high-tech duo "Amanda & Dean " using the dance­band genre as the base for their highly professional and skilled act. Together they worked the most prestigious venues in the North of England as the top "society band" as well as making several appearences on TV.

Roger is a very accomplished arranger and now works from his own studio in Javea producing high quality backings for their duo and for other people, including Careline Theatre. The quality of the music for our show is a testament to Roger's very special musical skills.

Alex McEnery - Jack
Alex McEneryAlex is credited with the very first lines spoken in a Careline Theatre production. He was The Spirit of Pantomime in our “Cinderella” and his confident delivery set the tone for a very successful, inaugural production. Since then he has made numerous appearances on the Fontilles stage and has also made guest appearances for other groups. His birthday always falls during pantomime rehearsals and this time he celebrated his 14th!
Sophie Thorman - Jill
Sophie ThormanAlthough this will be Sophie’s very first part in any sort of production, she has the makings of a real trouper. She works very hard at her acting, singing and dancing and has a remarkable stage presence for one so young and so inexperienced. Sophie is eight years old and already faces stiff competition from her three younger sisters, one of whom tonight appears as one of June’s Juveniles. Sophie is a student at June Booth’s chlldrens dance classes. We all wish her the very best of luck and hope that this is the first of many many shows to come.
Elaine Farrow - Trubble
Elaine FarrowLike many good actresses, Elaine is a very hard worker, a stickler for detail, and an eternal pessimist when it comes to applying for parts. However, the sense of comedy and timing of this one-time Pontins Blue Coat from the Potteries has been honed by highly acclaimed appearances in several Carehine Theatre plays.
Colin Worrall - Toyle
Colin WorrallColin was most recently seen as the harrassed hotel manager in our farce “A Bedfull Of Foreigners” in October last.

His very first appearance on any stage anywhere was just two years ago and he has proved himself ready to learn and to stretch his new-found talent in several productions since. The part of the ‘straight man’ in an essentially stand-up comedy duo is yet another first for Colin.
Kelly Cottom - Maid Marion

Kelly CottomWe are delighted to have Kelly back with us for another pantomime. Being a half of the comedy duo with Candy Wright in “Aladdin”, Kelly this time gets her chance to exercise her primary talent as a singer of considerable ability and experience. In 1997 Kelly won a major contest and was whisked off to Germany to record a new album of songs. Life has been pretty hectic in the last 12 months too. In August Kelly produced her first baby, Theodore, who is keeping her very busy as only babies can! Maid Marion is only Kelly’s third ever part in a stage show, and she is looking forward to it.

John Eland - Sheriff
John ElandJohn first burst onto the Careline Theatre scene as King Benny in our production of “Jack & The Beanstalk”. Sadly, because of a serious illness, it was two and a half years before he was able to play his second role for us in one of the very successful one-act plays which we presented at Els Poblets in July 2000. He then threw himself wholeheartedly into our autumn farce for which he had to adopt a mid- European accent which almost became part of his life! This time John is relishing playing the part of ‘the baddie’!
Brenda Cook - Robin Hood
Brenda CookApart from her considerable capabilities as both a singer and dancer, Brenda is one of a fairly elusive breed: a natural and genuinely funny comedienne! She is also a very busy woman outside the world of theatre. She is a founder member and a leading light in the Orba Warblers Golf Society and, not unnaturally, a very keen golfer herself.
Rick Rosewell - Nurse Glucose

Rick RosewellRick was a Butlins Redcoat in his early years and this gave him an interest in theatre which has persisted ever since. With his laconic sense of humour, his large frame and his avuncular manner, Rick is ideally suited to pantomime. He has played a variety of roles since we first started, and this is his second show ‘in skirts’. However, his real love is comedy and he has appeared in three of our four plays to date.

Lacey Avery - Woodland Fairy
Lacey AveryLacey's first appearance with Careline Theatre was in last year's pantomime when, in addition to being one of June's Juveniles, she was given a small solo dance role in one of the colourful musical numbers. Her natural grace and good looks certainly caught the eye, and she performed as a solo dancer and singer in Careline Theatre's special contribution to a Spanish function in Orba later in the year. 16 year old Lacey takes her singing and dancing very seriously and she fronts her own touring Karaoke presentations around the area.

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