Careline Theatre Alcalali

A State of Affairs

A State of Affairs

The Director

Lee Walker

Lee is making his debut as a director for Careline Theatre and has enjoyed working with such an enthusiastic and talented cast. Lee wishes them well for the run and a big thank you to everyone involved in this production.


Cast of Characters
(In Order of Appearance)


Terence Dennis Arthurs
Caroline Leigh Patterson


Jack Neil Carter
Frances Candy Wright
Milly Brenda Taylor
The Day of the Dog
Allen Tony Lawley
Cliff Andy Crabb
Maurice Jim Sissens
Terri Candy Wright
Valerie Leigh Patterson
Ellis Robin Baxter
Joanna Michele Averard
Julia Linda Arthurs

Stage Manager

Lee Walker
Assistant Stage Manager

Helen Wadsworth

Set Designer John Pollitt
Set Construction John Pollit, Dave Henderson, Caryl Patterson, Lee Walker
Properties Brenda Taylor, Candy Wright
Sound & Lighting Desmond Webb
Bar Management & Staff Keith and Jenny Hart, David Williams
Front of House Manager Colin Worrall, Elaine Farrow
Front of House Staff Hazel Worrall, Violet Skinner, Janet Walker, Margaret Cordery, Marion Carter, Stephanie Herrod, Dawn and Stuart Barton, Ann and Derek Martyr, Helen Baxter, Maggie Lawley, Sandra Williams, Lynne Parsons
Box Office Sara Hamer
Publicity Bernard King
Programme Elaine Farrow

Dennis Arthurs - 'Terence'
Dennis Arthurs

Dennis has been with Careline Theatre for 5 years and has tended to favour directing Careline comedies 'The Farndale's, 'A Christmas Carol' and 'A Tomb With A View'. Most recently, he played the part of hapless Eric Swan in 'Cash in the Attic'. He has taken dressing up as the Dame in pantomimes in his stride. However, even he has to confess that appearing in his underpants will be a new and shocking experience both for him and the audience: he apologises now!

Leigh Patterson - 'Caroline' & 'Valerie'

Leigh PattersonThis is Leigh's 7th performance on stage with Careline, and she is happy to say that in playing Caroline in 'Stuttgart' she has been typecast at last! Leigh has been a member for four years and is looking forward to many more years 'treading the boards' with us.

Neil Carter - 'Jack'
Neil Carter Neil has played many parts in plays both here and in the UK but this is a first that involves getting out of bed! He has enjoyed the challenge of being part of this series of plays that have been put on in the west end in London or is it the frisson of the affair? Who can tell?
Candy Wright - 'Frances' & 'Terri'
Candy Wright

Candida first appeared at Richmond Theatre at the age of 6 on stage singing and dancing alongside a 2 year old Bonny Langford. After many years of comedy and panto this is her 'Kiss' debut! She has been with Careline Theatre for the past 15 years and thoroughly enjoys both acting and directing for them and is also their Chairman. Candy says, "We are a great team, come & join us".

Brenda Taylor - 'Milly'

Brenda Taylor"And now for something completely different...." Not a wicked stepmother, bad fairy, but there is some 'Hanki Panky' in this play! Brenda plays the innocent and wronged wife and is enjoying the six-page role! Brenda feels this is a new venture for Careline and a good challenge for all the actors involved. She says that the director knows exactly what he wants and hopes they can come up with the goods, and that you, the audience enjoy the evening.

Tony Lawley - 'Allen'
Tony Lawley

Tony has been a member of Careline Theatre for a number of years and has appeared in four pantomimes, also 'Caught in the Net', 'Alio 'Alio, 'Nails for the Carpenter', 'Tomb with a View' and most recently as Dr Chapman in 'Cash on Delivery'. He is looking forward to the role of the unfortunate Allen in Day of the Dog.

Andy Crabb - 'Cliff'
Andy Crabb

Andy has been acting, painting back-cloths and making props for Careline Theatre for the last six years. Audiences will recognise him as Corporal Jones in 'Dad's Army', the French Chamberlain Marmaduke from 'Snow White' and last year's Beast. In the rare moments when he has spare time, Andy is writing his second book of Spanish short stories, 'Blood Blossoms'.

Jim Sissens - 'Maurice'

Jim SissensJim has over 35 years of experience in Amateur Dramatics. His first love is musical theatre and he has played in numerous shows and pantomimes for both Clacton and Colchester Operatic Societies. He joined Careline ten years ago and apart from performing has directed our Pantomime Red Riding Hood and the outrageously funny 'Cash on Delivery'.

Robin Baxter - 'Ellis'
Robin Baxter

Robin joined Careline Theatre in 2002 quite happily working back stage. He hesitantly accepted the part of Pike in 'Dad's Army', and loved the experience. Next he played Muddles in 'Snow White', followed by the accident prone Perry in 'Tomb With A View', the bewildered George Jenkins in 'Cash On Delivery', and Timbad the Tailor in 'Ali Baba'. He is looking forward to playing his first non-comedy part as Ellis.

Michele Averard - 'Joanna'
Michele Averard

Michele has lived in Alcalali for 26 years. She is owner of the Dome Centre (Alcalali) and co-director/founder of the International Association of Sound Therapy. She is also a singer/songwriter having recently published her 10th CD of music for relaxation and healing. Even though accustomed to speaking and performing concerts on stage, this will be her first Theatre performance since leaving school. Welcome to Careline Michele!

Linda Arthurs - 'Julia'

Linda joined Careline Theatre 5 years ago and has played a variety of comic roles, including Mrs Fox in 'Dad's Army' and foul-mouthed Emily in 'Tomb with a View' and the stern Ms. Cowper in 'Cash in the Attic'. In pantomime, she last appeared as the wicked witch, Countess Cruella in 'Beauty and the Beast'. After playing a series of unlovable characters the audience loves to hate, it is a relief to play a character the audience can actually empathise with - poor Julia!



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