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Alice In Wonderland

The Wizard of Oz

The Director

Candida Wright

Director’s Comments:

I have wanted to see Aliceperformed as a panto for a long time, so finally I have my chance to present to you the wonders of Wonderland. The original story by Lewis Carroll characterized Alice as “loving and gentle,” “courteous to all,” “trustful,” and “wildly curious”. It’s the wildly curious character that I hope you will find in this panto version and hopefully you will enjoy all the anthropomorphic creatures presented to you. This story is probably one of the best bits of literary nonsense which also makes it a superb piece for panto. I have enjoyed the adventure of creating it for you and working with my “Wonderfully” talented cast. Sit back and enjoy the madness.


Cast of Characters
(In Order of Appearance)
Alice Georgia Phillips
The White Rabbit Alex McEnery
The Duchess Dennis Arthurs
The Caterpillar Ashley Anderson
Tweedle Dee Scott Hamer
Tweedle Dum Luke Marriot
The Cook Giovanna Wallis
The March Hare Elysha Fish
The Mad Hatter Alan Gill
The Dormouse Connie Levey
Ace of Hearts Tasha Fish
Knave of Hearts Ashley Anderson
The Queen of Hearts Linda Arthurs
The King of Hearts Peter Clague
Alice’s Sister Suzanna Mace


Dancers and Chorus

Abigail Baldwin, Paige Keen, Liz Yardley, Janet Walker

Junior Chorus

Tasha Baldwin. Paige Broster. Ruby Broster,
Izzy Costello Howlett, Joseph Cronk, Denisa Hustea,
Jenifer Jurd, Connie Levey, Jasmine Logan, Abbie Madgwick,
Sophie Phillips, Valery Pors, Diana Vladu

Junior Chorus

Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb
Stage Crew Robin Baxter, Marian Carter, Neil Carter, Andy Crabb, Mike Wadsworth
Set Pieces Mike Wadsworth
Back Cloth Andy Crabb, Scott Hamer
Props Andy Crabb, Tony Sim, Miguel Andrada
Lighting DJ Darrell
Follow Spots Phillip Anderson. Maggie Lawley, Tony Lawley, Barney Wright
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Walker
Wardrobe Assistant Lynne Mace
Wigs Scott Hamer
Headdresses Elaine Farrow
Prompt Lyn Wickman
Bar Manager Helen Wadsworth
Bar Staff Andy Headford Lord, Lee Walker, Alex White
Front of House Managers Anne & Derek Martyr
Front of House Staff Alison Burns, Anna Cameron. Dorothy Fish, Jenny & Keith Hart, Sue Harvey, Peter Hooker, Maggie & Tony Lawley, Mandy & Melanie Madgewick, Brenda Martin. Alison Mcinnes,
Peter Tomlin, Richard Watson, David & Sandra Williams
Box Office Debbie Conolly
Photography Scott Hamer, Peter Tomlin
Press & Publicity Helen Wadsworth
Poster & Programme Candida Wright, Sonia Crabb


Suzanna Mace
Musical Director
Roger Dean
Suzanna Mace
  Roger Dean

‘Alice’ - Georgia Phillips

Georgia Phillips

Georgia has been performing since she was three. She prefers dancing but has always loved acting and being dramatic. She has recently moved to Spain after living in England for thirteen years. This is her first pantomime and she feels thrilled to be a part of it. Georgia hopes that everyone enjoys the show and that you all take part! OH, YES, SHE DOES!

‘The White Rabbit’ - Alex McEnery

Alex McEneryAlex has been performing since the age of ten. His first appearance was in Careline Theatre’s Cinderella where he spoke the first line in their first show back in 1997. At the age of nineteen he was accepted at the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in New York City. He is now back in Spain pursuing new adventures. Alex dedicates his performance to his late mother, Sylvia Anderson, one of the founders of the Jalon Help Charity Shop.

‘The Duchess’ - Dennis Arthurs
Dennis ArthursDennis is delighted to be in this latest Careline Panto. Still puckering his lips, flashing his eyes and blowing sloppy kisses to the men in the audience, he is going to do his best to scare all the little (and not so little) reptilian monsters as he takes on the role of the Duchess. He’s, be afraid, be very afraid!
‘The Caterpillar’ - Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson

Previous appearances include Bottoms Up, A Christmas Carol, The Ancient Mariner; West Side Story, Cats and Half a Sixpence. He also has previous panto experience having performed with Careline in Jack and The Beanstalk. Ashley has worked with many local theatre groups and is delighted to be with Careline, performing the role of The Caterpillar and Ace of Hearts and is hoping to do much more in the future. He is also dedicating his performance to his nanny, Sylvia Anderson, Founder of the Jalon Help Charity Shop.

‘Tweedle Dee’ - Scott Hamer

Scott HamerScott is so happy to be back doing panto, especially as Alice in Wonderland was one of his favourite stories when he was growing up. He has had an insane amount of fun making all the wigs this year, especially the Queen’s. Playing Tweedle Dee has been an experience that he’ll never forget, and hopes you enjoy the show! MOP!

Tweedle Dum’ - Luke Marriot
Luke Marriot

Luke is sixteen years old and loves musical theatre. He was brought up on Careline’s pantomimes, because his nan is their biggest fan. Luke has taken on many main roles, such as Skimbleshanks (CATS), Bemardo (West Side Story) and recently, Arthur Kipps (Half a Sixpence). This is Luke’s first pantomime and he feels privileged to finally be a part of Careline. He hopes you will enjoy the show and his performance as Tweedle Dum. MEEP!

‘The Cook’ - Giovanna Wallis
Giovanna Wallis

Giovanna has been performing in dance shows since the age of three. Giovanna moved to Spain four years ago and has been very busy in the world of amateur dramatics, choreographing five shows including Cats and West Side Story. She has recently played the female lead in Half a Sixpence which she thoroughly enjoyed. This production is to be Giovanna’s first-ever pantomime and her first appearance with Careline. She has relished the opportunity to play a 'baddie' and looks forward to throwing her plates at you 'orrible group of wombats! Enjoy the show!

‘The March Hare’ - Elysha Fish

Elysha FishThis is Elysha’s fourth pantomime with Careline. She has had principal roles in the last two as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Dick Whittington and his Cat. This year, she decided she wanted a smaller, more comedic role, and feels the March Hare fills that vacancy perfectly. She hopes you enjoy her rather mad performance, as she invites you to join her and The Hatter for tea in Wonderland.

‘The Mad Hatter’ - Alan Gill
Alan Gill

Alan’s involvement with Careline started in 2008 when he was cast in Dad’s Army as Private Godfrey, a role recently repeated in two short excerpts in the Lest We Forget production in October. Since his debut he has appeared in varied roles in pantomimes and as a Welsh-speaking vicar in The Importance of Being Earnest and also Hooper, desperately seeking food in a health spa, in Kindly Keep It Covered. This could prove to be his last role as he appears to have finally gone slightly mad.

‘The Dormouse’ - Connie Levey
Connie Levey

Connie is ten years old. She joined Careline Theatre and Careline Dance School last year and was in the children’s chorus in Dick Whittington. She was also given just one line of dialogue. This year she is thrilled to be playing the part of the sleepy Dormouse and has a lot more than just one line! Yet another younger member of Careline coming to prominence!

‘Ace of Hearts’ - Tasha Fish
Tasha Fish

Tasha enjoys performing as a whole, whether it’s singing, acting or dancing. She has had lead roles in shows such as Annie and Robin Hood. This is her second pantomime, after performing as a nasty rat in last year’s pantomime - Dick Whittington and his Cat. She would love to participate in many more in the future, and hopes you enjoy the show!

‘The Queen of Hearts’ - Linda Arthurs
Linda Arthurs

After portraying women of a certain age, (Margaret in Sandcastles and melodramatic Phoebe in Murder in Company), Linda is delighted to be back in Panto Land, playing the utterly heartless Queen of Hearts. She warns you that if you don’t enjoy this year’s Panto, it will be a case of 'Orff with your heads!'

‘The King of Hearts’ - Peter Clague

Peter is one of the founder members of Careline and played Buttons in their first-ever production, Cinderella, way back in 1997. He has taken part in many productions since, covering many aspects of theatre. Music and singing will always be his first love but panto is a close second and the fact that this will be his eighth with Careline is testament to that.



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