Careline Theatre Alcalali

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Cash On Delivery

The Director

Candida Wright

Director's notes

I have wanted to direct Ali Baba for several years now and finally the time was right... I hope! A Big Thank You to all my wonderful team. X

Cast of Characters
(In Order of Appearance)

Tinbad the Tailor

Robin Baxter
Cascara Phil Panter
Ali Baba Andy Crabb
Haroun Ben Davies
Marsaina Olivia Partington
Grace Sanchez
Morgana Leigh Patterson
Avarice Marian Carter
Kassim Baba Alan Gill
Rhum Baba Kaye Stubley
Hanki Panki Brenda Taylor
Jiggeri Pokeri Brenda Smethurst
Al Raschid Neil Carter
Achmed George Parker
Mustapha Elaine Farrow
Olivia Partington
Grace Sanchez

Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb
Assistant Stage Manager

Lee Walker

Stage Crew Richard Watson, Barney Wright
Back Cloth Design & Painting Andy Crabb
Set Constructors & Painters John Pollit, Dave Henderson, Caryl Patterson, Vernon Pearce, Jim Sissens, Lee Walker, Colin Worrall
Lighting Director Desmond Webb
Follow Spots Helen Baxter, Maggie Lawley
Wardrobe Mistress Jan Walker
Wardrobe Assistants Wendy Daniels, Celia Pearce, Hazel Worrall
Milliner & Accessories Kaye Stubley
Wigs & Dancer's Headdresses Elaine Farrow
Prompt Sara Hamer
Props Sylvia Johnson, Maggie Jackson, Jan Jones, Helen Wadsworth
Dames Dresser

Heather Claricoats
Junior's Chaperones Rachel Wright, Jo Cooper
Bar Management & Staff Keith and Jenny Hart, George King
Front of House Manager Gill Ward
Front of House Staff Dawn and Stuart Barton, Peter Hooker, Pat Gray, Stella Korolyszyn, Tony Lawley, Anne and Derek Martyr, David and Sandra Williams, Ken Ward, Lyn Wishart
Box Office Anne Rosewell, Andres Bayon, Candida Wright
Press & Publicity Bernard King
Poster & Programme Andy and Sonia Crabb, Candida Wright
Susanna Mace
Musical director
Roger Dean
Susanna Mace Roger Dean

Robin Baxter - 'Tinbad the Tailor'

Robin BaxterRobin joined Careline in 2002, working back stage. His first major stage appearance was not until "You Stupid Boy, Pike" in Dad's Army. He then tried pantomime as the clueless Muddles in Snow White. Next came the accident-prone Perry in Tomb With A View, followed by his electrifying portrayal of George Jenkins in Cash On Delivery (he was struck by lightning). There is definitely a pattern here.

Phil Panter - 'Cascara'
Phil PanterPhil is new to Careline, but not to skirts. He has batted his false eyelashes at many a pantomime audience in the UK, even playing a psychopathic transvestite in the thriller Dark Lucy. Not to be typecast, his back-catalogue also includes Arthur in Camelot, Wainwright in Charlie Girl and a range of macho lovers and villains. Phil has walked the mean streets of Moraira for nine years.
Andy Crabb - 'Ali Baba'

Andy CrabbAndy has been acting, painting back-cloths and making props for Careline Theatre for the last six years. Audiences will recognise him as Corporal Jones in Dad's Army, the French Chamberlain Marmaduke from Snow White and last year's Beast. In the rare moments when he has spare time, Andy is writing his second book of Spanish short stories, Blood Blossoms'.

Ben Davies - 'Haroun'

Ben DaviesBen has been a member of both Careline and Careline Kids for several years. He made his debut in Treasure Island in 2006 and has appeared in several productions for Careline since, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Dad's Army and Ernie's Incredible Illucinations. Ben hopes to use these valuable experiences to further his career in becoming a professional actor.

Olivia Partington - 'Marsaina'
Olivia PartingtonOlivia first appeared in pantomime as a pirate in Treasure Island in 2006. Since then she has played in many productions including lead roles in Oliver, Annie, Think of the Magic and The Ashgirl. She will be taking her GCSE in Performing Arts next year. She has a real passion for acting and was thrilled to receive the role of Marsaina.
Grace Sanchez - 'Marsaina'

Grace SanchezThis is Grace's first performance with Careline although she has been performing from an early age: playing Ann Frank whilst in Wales, she has also been in productions such as A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Glass Menagerie, Double Date and a pantomime entitled Feel The Beat Down (for which she won Actress of the Year at Leon High, Florida). This is her first time performing in a proper pantomime so she is really excited.

Leigh Patterson - 'Morgana'
Leigh PattersonLeigh is now in her fourth year with Careline Theatre, taking part both on stage and behind the scenes. She took a break from the pantomime last year to concentrate on her BSc Degree. She has appeared as Miss Took, and Hagwort the Terrible Troll. She played "naughty" Gigi in Alio Alio, "murderous" Ann in Tomb with a View and more recently "soppy" Sally in Cash on Delivery. ......Now to create a little mischief?
Marian Carter - 'Avarice'
Marian CarterA first for Marian this year to be taking a role in Careline's annual pantomime. Typecasting some would say as the wicked Afrit Avarice but it's a part Marian is looking forward to. It is a change from directing pantomime which Marian has done for many years, the chance to play the wicked fairy was too good to miss.
Alan Gill - 'Kassim Baba'

Alan GillAlan's first appearance for Careline was as the doddering elderly Private Godfrey in Dad's Army, a role Alan's friends assumed was typecasting. In this, his third pantomime at Alcalali, he plays Ali's extremely tight-fisted, miserly brother Kassim. Alan's wife thinks he's been typecast yet again!

Kaye Stubley - 'Rhum Baba'
Kaye StubleyKaye appeared as Lady Dolores in Snow White, as Mrs Pike and one of the tapping W.I. Lady Cleaners in Dad's Army. She first danced, aged four, in Babes in the Wood, appeared in many shows including Come Dancing & cabarets here in Spain and the UK. She is from a musical and stage family, Kaye's grandmother was a stage milliner, hence Kaye's passion for hats! Now she has the part with the cherry on top!!
Brenda Taylor - 'Hanki Panki'
Brenda TaylorOne of the many victims of the recession, last year's Rose Fairy becomes one of this year's poor beggars! Candy has made either a brave or foolhardy decision to cast Brenda T. in the role of Hanki Panki as she cannot sing a true note and has three left feet. Fortunately Brenda S. is a real pro., with talent a-plenty for both of them.
Brenda Smethurst - 'Jiggeri Pokeri'
Brenda SmethurstBrenda Smethurst is one of Careline's founder members appearing in numerous productions over the years. Her forte is playing character roles, and this year she is sidekick to Brenda T. in the zany comedy duo. Brenda recently had a guest spot singing as CountryRose in the charity concert for MABS in memory of her late husband, Dave. She is thrilled to be back on stage once more.
Neil Carter - 'Al Raschid'
Neil CarterThis year Neil has swapped his frocks and high heels to play the part of A1 Raschid, the baddie. A first for Careline but a return to a part he has played many times before in the UK, so be prepared to boo him, kids!
George Parker -'Achmed'
George ParkerGeorge has been involved with Careline for five years. He started by playing a dwarf in Snow White, and now he is playing the evil villain's right-hand man. George is very happy to have been given the role of Achmed the 'Orrible (which we can assure you George is not).
Jade Cooper, Max Davies, Lily Hamer, Emily Wright
Ian Coleman, Wendy Daniels, Mary Eldridge, Dave Henderson, Maggie Jackson, Caryl Patterson, Celia Pearce, Vernon Pearce, Jim Sissens, Derek Stubley, Jan Walker, Colin Worrall, Hazel Worrall
Leah Brett, Aimee-Nicole Stokes, Leah Thorman, Tori Thorman


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