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The Wizard of Oz

The Director

Jim Sissens

Director’s Comments:

Welcome to our Annual Pantomime of 2016. This year our presentation is the traditional family favourite ofAladdin, which began its history as far back as 1788, in Covent Garden. It is an age-old, rags to riches story of a poor boy, who falls for and eventuall, marries, a beautiful princess. The plot is centred around an ancient lamp and a journey to a magical cave where the wicked Abanazar tries to trick Aladdin into giving him the lamp. So join us as we romp our way through the story with songs and laughter and magic and mayhem. Shouting, cheering and booing is compulsory... Oh Yes It Is.........


Cast of Characters
(In Order of Appearance)
Aladdin Emily Wright
Abanazar Andy Crabb
So-Shi Tasha Fish
So-Shi Amy Prince
Widow Twankey Robin Baxter
Wishee Washee Brenda Watson
Emperor Peter Clague
PC Ping Laura Aidridge
PC Pong Candida Wright
Genie Paul Young
Slave Connie Levey

Dancers and Chorus

Brenda Boud, Alison Burns, Sue Evans, Jehane Newton, Pam Small, Janet Walker,
Liz Yardley, Maridy Madgwick, Louisa Booth, Dorothy Fish, Alan Gill

Dancers and Chorus
Junior Chorus

Aliyah Booth, Ethan Booth, Jasmine Booth, Joseph Cronk,
lzzy Costello Howlett, Sam Costello Howlett, Abbie Madgwick, Mel Madgwick, Stanley Parker, Valery Pors

Junior Chorus
The Sapphires
Suzanna Mace, Phaedra Vaughan

Stage Manager

Sonia Crabb
Assistant Stage Managers Alan Gill, Rachel Wright, Christine Storey
Fly Crew Philip Anderson, Barney Wright
Lighting Director Darrell Clayton
Follow Spots Andy Crabb, Tony Sim, Miguel Andrada
Dames Dresser Helen Baxter
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Walker
Wardrobe Assistant Dorothy Fish
Cloth Design & Painter Andy Crabb
Assistants Christine Storey, Laura Parker & friends
Props Andy Crabb, Jim Sissens
Bar Staff Helen Wadsworth, Alex White Andy Headford-Lord, Giovanna Wallis, Luke Marriott, Emily Neal
Front of House Managers Anne & Derek Martyr
Front of House Staff Ann Gill, Sue Harvey, Andy Headford- Lord, Jo Jeffery, Vernon & Celia Pearce,
Richard Watson, Lynn Wishart, Helen & Mike Wadsworth, Sandra & Dave Williams
Box Office Debbie Conolly
Photography Sonia Crabb
Press & Publicity Alison Burns
Poster & Programme Candida Wright


Suzanna Mace
Musical Director
Roger Dean
Suzanna Mace
  Roger Dean

‘Aladdin’ - Emily Wright

Emily Wright

Emily is currently studying for her A levels but has dedicated a lot of time to play her role as Aladdin in this performance. She has a great interest in performing arts, especially’ singing and acting. and as she is in the final few years of her school life. She wishes to gain as much experience as she can working alongside the fantastic cast and people of Careline. In the past she has played major roles with the Lady Elizabeth School’s performing arts department and hopes you all have fun watching her play Aladdin along with the rest of the cast.

‘Abanazar’ - Andy Crabb

Andy CrabbAndy has been described as a “quiet man”, but in this production, with a dab of make-up and a funny hat, he has tried to portray an avaricious. sadistic, heartless, megalomaniacal, despotic crack-pot intent on world domination. He has used as his role-model a melange of these same avaricious, sadistic, heartless, megalomaniacal, despotic crack-pots, intent on world domination, who have darkened the pages of our history books since the dawn of recorded history. In his spare time, he tries to avoid gardening and continues his never-ending quest to find a white wine, worth drinking, for less than a euro.

‘So-Shi’ - Tasha Fish
Tasha FishTasha is fourteen years old and is taking part in her third panto for Careline . She is looking forward to playing her first principal panto role. Tasha has had many other lead roles including Robin in 'Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies' , Annie in 'Annie’ and Sheila Birling in the Careline production of ‘An Inspector Calls’ . Tasha is very excited and hopes that you enjoy the show!
‘So-Shi’ - Amy Prince
Amy Prince

Amy is delighted to be given a lead role in her first Careline production and has not long moved from Bristol where she regularly participated in shows with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre Company. She eventually hopes to pursue a career in acting, and entertain audiences other than in England. She thanks Careline for giving her this opportunity and hopes that the audience enjoy’ her performance. Amy looks forward to taking part in more Careline shows in the future.

‘Widow Twankey’- Robin Baxter

Robin BaxterRobin joined Careline in 2002 and was happy to do anything that did not involve actually appearing on stage. Then in 2008 he was asked to play Pike in ‘Dad’s Army’. He was instantly bitten by the acting bug and there was no stopping him. This is now his fifteenth appearance. His roles have been mostly comic characters, but also some serious parts like John Worthing in ‘The Importance OJ Being Earnest’. His first love is panto he hopes the audience has as much fun watching Aladdin as he and the rest of the cast have on stage performing it.

‘Wishee Washee’ - Brenda Watson
Brenda Watson

Too many productions to mention, her input has certainly been seen, be it behind the bar, front of house, or her favourite place - on stage, the Scarecrow in ‘Wizard of Oz’ being her most memorable performance. A former Butlin’s Redcoat, Brenda comes from an amateur theatrical family’: in fact her younger cousin is her Mum in the Panto, Widow Twankey!! Brenda's surname may have changed over the years, but her enthusiasm is still 100%, even performing in this Panto with a recovering broken ankle and now a fractured vertebrae. Go Girl!

'The Emperor’ - Peter Clague
Peter Clague

Peter has been involved with most aspects of Am/Dram theatre for over forty years both in the UK here in Spain.He joined Careline when it was first formed and has appeared in many of the company‘s productions. This is his tenth part in a Careline Panto and he played the Emperor previously in the 2000 production at the Careline Theatre in Fontilles. This is a part that he enjoys but being sixteen years older now he is feeling it too. He loves to see the younger members coming through the ranks and taking part a this is the future of the group

'PC Ping' - Laura Hillstead

Laura Hillstead Laura joined CareIine in October 2015, this being ncr flrst production with Careline and the first time on the stage since her college days. Inspired by the great work of Careline kids with son Stanley having a part in the production of Bugsy Malone, mother and son auditioned for the Pantomime and, slap my thigh, he's in the kids chorus and she’s Ping She says, “It's an honour and a privilege to he workng with such a great group of people on a professional production. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I’ve enjoyed trying to learn my lines!

'PC Pong’ - Candida Wright
Candida Wright

Fifteen years ago she played PC Ping in another Careline Aladdin production. This time as PC Sharon Pong she hopes to once again bring smiles and hopefully chortles to your lips as she brings her years of experience to another Careline Panto and behaves as enjoyably badly as her director
has permitted, if not slightly more! For Candida performing on stage is a delight and she is already looking forward to the May production to be directed by Andy Crahb and Tony Sim when she hopes to perform, sing and dance with a nice bit of comedy thrown in.

Genie of the Lamp’ - Paul Young
Paul Young

Paul has only recently joined Careline in October and was offered the role of the Genie. Paul has had previous experience in acting as he appeared in the school play of Grease when he was nine! He is excited to be doing this and is extremely impressed with the acting skills of the younger cast. When back in England Paul was the manager of the London Eye, but has been in Spain for twelve years and loves it. Let's just hope he doesn’t rub his magic lamp and disappear before he appears on stage!

'Slave of the Lamp’- Connie Levey
Connie Levey

Connie is eleven years old and this is her third pantomime. She was in the children’s chorus for Dick Whittington but had one line of dialogue. Last year she played the “Sleepy Dormouse” in 'Alice in Wonderland’ with even more dialogue. Now she has her second principal part this time playing the Slave of the Lamp. She loves the dancing. singing and acting and of course the wondertul costumes. She was recently in Bugsy Malone with Careline Kids and is a member of the Careline Dance Academy

Alan Gill - 'Man of Many Faces'
Alan Gill

Alan has been in many Careline productions but none quite like this where he plays a selection of parts and in chorus. As well as this he is a busy bee backstage too. Watch out for his toothy moment and his prancing.


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