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Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp

Spreading Our Wings

Aladdin is traditionally one of the most popular and colourful and, certainly, one of the most tuneful pantomimes. The exotic colours and images of the orient, combined with the mystical magic of Arabia, provide plenty of scope for a production to delight both the ear and the eye. It is, therefore, probably an ideal choice for Careline Theatre's pantomime for the millennium.

This production is also notable in that we appear to be starting to reap the benefits of our earlier endeavours. Careline Theatre has, in a little under four years from its inception, built a reputation for consistent production quality second to none on the Costa Blanca. We have avoided over-reaching ourselves, but we have proved our versatility through the various different types of productions we have staged: pantomimes, plays, revues and even opera. In doing so we have actively encouraged outside participants with ability and experience to get involved, and we have learned some valuable lessons from them. All this has made us stronger and more capable.

Now we see that our membership is increasing, new younger faces are appearing and people with established talent are wanting to get involved both onstage and backstage. Ticket sales are rising as word gets around and our charitable donations are increasing.

The professional theatre in UK is also now aware of our potential and, following "The Good Olde Days", the possibility exists for further professional productions to come over. We have been able to make a first venture into the area of 'corporate entertainment' and our thanks must go to Offshore Money Managers S.A. for putting their trust in us to entertain their clients. Fontilles, too, recognises the additional benefits we are able to generate and is keen to support our efforts. All in all, our progress has been quite remarkable.

At the same time as all this, we have learned never to be satisfied. We know that we can improve in many areas and we are working on them all the time. We also have ambitions. For example, we would love to put on a 'musical'.      There is a wealth of productions which we could now stage and which would provide a big attraction for our audiences. However, this is a road we will go down only when we are totally confident that we can cast it and stage
it as successfully as our other types of production. We have seen too many others try and, unfortunately, sometimes just fail to hit the mark. We don't want to run before we can walk but, at the moment, perhaps you could say there is a spring in our step which, with continued effort, optimism, enthusiasm, hard work, and careful management, could have us skipping along in the not too distant future.

Additional Material by GRAHAM B. CHADWICK and JOHN A. BOOTH
The entire production Directed by JOHN A. BOOTH
CAST, in order of appearance
The Genie Dorothy Fish
Sergeant Ping Candy Wright
WPC Pong Kelly Cottom
The Emperor
Peter Clague
Aladdin Helen Poulton
Wishee Washee Colin Worrall
Widow Twankey Andrew Rumming
Abanazar Rick Rosewell
Princess Balroubadour Gaynor Laporte
So-Shi Suzanne Marie Scott
Slave of the Ring Alex McEnery
Choreographer & Chorus Mistress: JUNE A. BOOTH, A.R.A.D., A.I.S.T.D.
David Ash (Musical Director & Keyboard)
Chorus and Dancers

Olive Baker, Rita Brett, Linda Chadwick, Elaine Farrow, Ann Hosking, Bonita Hughes, Violet Lorraine, Jean Martin, Lynne Parsons, Hazel Worrall, Ray Baker, Roy Martin, Bill Parsons
June's Juveniles
Fleur Avery, Lacey Avery, Alex McEnery, Jade Webb, Zoe Webb

Stage Manager Assistant

Stage Manager Bill Parsons
Properties John Miller
Prompter Karen Avery
Sound Board Operators Brian Hight, Darren Hughes
Lighting Board Operator Raymond Davis
Follow-Spot Operators Charlie Lennon, Terry Farrow
Backcloths Tony Hagan - Blackpool, UK
Stage Staff & Scenery Design and Production Ray Baker, Michael Banks, Stan Betts, Roy Martin, Bryan Maskell
Scenery & Props Painting Brian Denton, John Miller
Costume Design & Wardrobe Mistress June A. Booth
Costumes Rita Slade, Val Wood
Wardrobe Assistants
Karen Avery, Vicki Banks, Linda Chadwick, Elaine Farrow, Bonnie Hughes, Vi Skinner, Hazel Worrall
Front of House Manager Alan Brett
Assistant Front of House Manager Pat Betts
Front of House Staff Jean Barber, Ray Barber, Ben Bloch, Bill Burke, Shirley Dagger,Sue Dearson, Sylvia Hight, Pete Hosking, Pat Johnston, Elsie Juett, Sylvia Kent, Terry Kent, Angela McAdam, Richard McEnery, Sylvia McEnery, Vida Pearce, Steve Penny, Trish Penny, Betty Pitt, Jenny Roberts, Roy Simmons, Pamela Simon, Vicente Simon,Viveca Ulf-Hansen
Bar Management Norman Hall, Karen Hall, Michael Banks, Vicki Banks
Box Office Ticket Sales

Jeanne Maskell, John A. Booth, Stephanie Herrod, Lynne Parsons
Programme Planning & Design Graham B. Chadwick
Programme Advertising Sales John Eland, Graham B. Chadwick
Helen Poulton - Aladdin

Helen PoultonHelen is a busy lady with many strings to her bow, and it's been ten years before she found the time to get back on the stage. It's` also the first time she's played a principal boy. We're pleased that she chose Careline Theatre to make her comeback. Her acting and singing experience began in school and she has particularly fond memories of "Oh What A Lovely War". Amongst her adult roles she played in "The Wizard of Oz and, as a semi-professional singer, once sang in concert with Dorothy Squires at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Andrew Rumming - Widow Twankey

Andrew RummingWith his own, regular slot on Lifestyle Radio, Andrew is very much into the entertainment scene on the Costa Blanca. He joined Careline Theatre earlier this year and this is his first shot at playing a dame, although he did appear as Wishee Washee in Aladdin last year. Andrew has also played Emcee in Cabaret, Lion in Wizard Of Oz, Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar and, his favourite, Joseph in Joseph & His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, amongst other parts. He says he is enjoying the challenge and the professionalism of Aladdin.

Candy Wright - Sergeant Ping

Candy WrightCandy's talent for performing is' coupled with a zany sense of humour, a lot of common sense, and a willingness to help others. Which makes her a rather special (if often late) sort of person! She is quite at home with comedy, as she proved with Darlene in "Do Not Disturb" and many other parts. She sings, as she proved yet again in The Good Olde Days and she's "a lovely little mover" as she showed in her very first appearance with Careline Theatre when she was Dance Captain in "Putting On The Style". "When We Are Married" gave her a chance to do some straight acting, as did Castle Theatre's excellent recent play, "The Memory Of Water" where she played Catherine.

Kelly Cottom - WPC Pong

Kelly CottomKelly ís a singer and in 1997 recorded her first album of songs after winning through in a German nationwide competition with more than 1,000 entrants. Sadly her opportunities to sing in this part are very limited. Instead, it is her comedy skills which come to the fore, and this is something quite new for Kelly. In fact, this is only her second appearance in a production of any sort, as against standing up on her own on a stage to sing. She is enjoying the experience, even though midway through rehearsals she finished up in hospital with the dreaded flu.

Colin Worrall - Wishee Washee
Colin WorrallLast year Colin caught the eye in the chorus and he then won a part in "When We Are Married" as Herbert Soppitt, getting the biggest  (if somewhat chauvinistic) cheer of the night for slapping hiswife! Now he gets the chance to really go for it in his very first pantomime role. This is a demanding part even for a seasoned stand-up comic, but Rochdale lads are up for most things, and Colin is determined to make as good an impression as he can. "It's not easy, but I think I'm getting there" he said.
Rick Rosewell - Abanazar

Rick RosewellHaving played two soppyold gents and the dame in our three previous pantomimes, Rick gets his first chance to be a `baddy'. "It's nice to get boos and whistles, instead of applause, just for a change" he says. Rick is one of Carelíne Theatre's keenest supporters and thinks we are "Numero Uno", which is nice because he has a lot of experience behind him. He was Butlins Redcoat before joining the R.A.F. where, for 16 years, he was involved with C.S.E. shows. His favourite part so far was not, however, in a pantomime. He says he really enjoyed the part of Det: Sgt. Porterhouse in our 1997 play Run For Your Wife".From Ruislip in Middlesex, Rick now lords it at Bar Cheers in Orba.

Gaynor Laporte - Princess Balroubadour
Gaynor LaporteFrom Clevedon near Bristol, Gaynor made her pantomime debut at age 11 in "Babes In The Wood" with Arthur Askey and Dora Bryan. She trained in theatre dance and has played leading roles in many musicals. Amongst many others, she has appeared in "Carousel", "Sound Of Music", "Cabaret", Boyfriend", "Anything Goes", and "Stepping Out". Her acting roles include parts in "Noises Off' and "Run For Your Wife". Her favourite part was Ruth in "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" at the Bristol Centre. Married to opera singer Peter Laporte and busy renovating a finca, Gaynor now teaches at Javea International College.
Peter Clague - The Emperor

Peter ClaguePeter may have a fine sense of humour, but he takes his singing very seriously. For that reason he was very pleased to be invited to join in with the professionals both in the Royal Opera Gala and "The Good Olde Days". He has appeared in two of our panto­mimes, a genre which he admits to enjoying. However, with other groups in the area he has been able to stretch both his acting and his singing talent in a wide range of roles. He considers his favourite parts to date to have been Count Danilo in "The Merry Widow" and Grosvenor in "Patience". Presumably ‘patience' rings a bell when you are a Preston North End supporter?

Dorothy Fish - Genie of the Lamp

Dorothy FishDorothy is a very talented actress, singer and dancer, and has proved her abilities in a good many of the most demanding roles in musical theatre, including Annie in "Annie Get Your Gun" and Eliza in "My Fair Lady", her two favourite roles She won the prestigious Manchester Evening News Oscar for Miss Adelaide in "Guys & Dolls" and has also played leading roles in "42nd Street", "Show Boat", "Irene", "Hello Dolly", "Chicago", "Anything Goes" and "Annie", amongst others. This is her first appearance for Carelíne Theatre and it is great to see her back on stage after a prolongued period of illness.

Suzanne Marie Scott - So-Shi

Suzanne Marie ScottSuzanne first came to the notice of Careline Theatre audiences as one of the three ballerinas in the Royal Opera Gala, along with Gaynor. She trained to N.A.T.D. standard at the Oakham School of Dancing in her home town of Oakham in Rutland. She played Sandyin "Grease" in Valencia and has made many appearances dancing in cabaret and concerts, but this is her first panto role. She is enjoying the opportunity to act and sing as well as dance, but says she still cringes at the reference to her "yellowhair"! With talent and good looks, Suzy is a valuable property so far as Careline Theatre is concerned.

Alex McEnery - Slave of the Ring
Alex McEneryAs The Sprite of Pantomime, Alex spoke the very first words in Careline Theatre's very first production, "Cinderella". The audience was quite taken aback as this tiny figure, dressed all in green, strode to the front of the stage and delivered his speech faultlessly with bell-like clarity. Alex has led June's Juveniles in each of the following pantomimes and is rapidly becoming a seasoned veteran! He has also appeared on stage for The Harlequins but, for Careline Theatre, he's almost like our good luck symbol. His birthday in late December always allows the cast to celebrate with him and this time he became a teenager!
Chorus in the Spotlight

Our chorus is a vital part of every pantomime and every chorus member just has o be correct, in step, in time and in tune with everyone else, otherwise they can stand out like a sore thumb. Sadly, however, whilst the principals grab the limelight and the attention, chorus members have to be satisfied with their name in a list and their face in a, usually, rather fuzzy group photograph.

This year we have ten ladies in the chorus, three men and four juveniles. Of the adults, just four have never yet been singled out for mention or a picture in any programme since we started. So, particularly because each of them has appeared in all our previous pantomimes, let's turn the spot­light onto Rita, Vi, Olive and Roy for a change.
Rita Brett

Rita BrettRita has worked in the professional theatre since the age of 12. In pantomime and variety she appeared with the top stars and also toured UK with Laurie Lupino Lane in "Me and My Girl". At 17 she became a "Windmill Girl", dancing and working alongside such star names as Des O'Connor, Bruce Forsyth and Jimmy Edwards. From Molesey in Surrey, Rita has lived in Spain for 6 years.

Olive Baker

Olive BakerOlive's first venture on stage came with Careline Theatre. Back in her home town of Doncaster she'd often wished to `have a go', but the opportunity never arose. Now she enjoys the chance to sing and dance and work alongside a whole company of diverse and interesting people. She also enjoys singing in karaoke, gardening, and making rag dolls.

Violet Lorraine

Violet LorraineVi just loves being on stage and part of the team, some­thing which she says would never have happened without Careline Theatre. She has developed new. unsuspected talents for singing and for tap dancing. Back in Hayes, Middlesex, Vi worked for EMI Records. but never dreamed that one day she would be a performer too. Now that's something to write home about to her 7 grandchildren!

Roy Martin

Roy MartinIt doesn't seem to matter to Roy whether he's on-stage or backstage, he just puts his heart and soul into whatever he's doing. From performing to painting scenery his keen sense of humour keeps him and those around him happy. Roy came from Guildford eight years ago and, as with many others, he had no previous experience in the theatre. Now he's proud to be our oldest chorus boy!




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