Careline Theatre Alcalali

After A Fashion


The Cast

Laura Aldridge, Natasha Baldwin, Jasmine Booth, Louisa Booth, Paige Broster, Alison Burns, Peter Clague, Izzy Costello Howlett, Andy Crabb, Joseph Cronk, Sue Evans, Elaine Farrow, Sue Jones, Paige Keen, Connie Levey, Suzanna Mace, Michele MacKinnon, Abbie Madgwick, Mandy Madgwick, Mel Madgwick, Jehane Newton, Sophie Phillips, Valery Pors, Tony Sim, Pam Small, Giovanna Wallis, Janet Walker, Brenda Watson, Candida Wright, Liz Yardley, Paul Young

Behind the Scenes
Robin Baxter, Sonia Crabb, Maggie Lawley, Tony Lawley, Jim Sissens

Wardrobe and Millinery
Janet Walker, Dorothy Fish, Pam Small, Mandy Madgwick, Suzanna Mace, Lyn Wishart, Elaine Farrow

Alison Burns, Marian Carter, Neil Carter, Debbie Connolly, Alan Gill, Andy Headford-Lord, Peter Hooker, Anne Martyr, Derek Martyr, Peter Morgan, Richard Watson, Helen Wadsworth, Alex White

Director: Andy Crabb
Assisted by: Candida Wright, Tony Sim
Musical Director: Roger Dean
Choreographer: Suzanna Mace

A Tribute to Janet Walker, Careline Theatre’s Wardrobe Mistress This show could not have taken place, without the strong support of Janet Walker. Through pre- and post-operative pain, she has headed a diligent team who have spent hours and hours choosing, sorting and transporting rail after rail, rack after rack of dazzling costumes, to enhance our performance and delight our audience. While doing this, she has managed to keep track of three-thousand or more pieces of stage costume, and can lay her hands on ANYTHING from buttons to bows, from tiaras to tophats, from cravats to crinolines, to suit an actor, from commoner to King.

Janet joined Careline in 2005 and immediately started work on the costumes for Mother Goose.

Since then she has made more than one thousand one hundred costumes for ten more annual Pantomimes, and many, many shows in between. She describes herself as a “meek little woman who does a bit of sewing,” but Careline members would describe her as an irreplaceable source of talent and an indefatigable worker, without whom Careline would be unable to present the rich melange of theatrical works for which it is justly famed. Janet, We Salute You!

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