Careline Theatre Alcalali

Past Productions


Production Type Date
Cinderella Pantomime January 1997
Run For Your Wife Play May 1997
Putting On The Style Revue June 1997
Jack & The Beanstalk Pantomime January 1998
Do Not Disturb Play May 1998
Dick Whittington & His Cat Pantomime January 1999
When We Are Married Play May 1999
Royal Opera Gala with Viva la Opera September 1999
The Good Olde Days with DC Prods October 1999
Aladdin Pantomime January 2000
Ken Goodwin & Friends with VG Prods May 2000
Opera Gala 2000 with Viva la Opera May 2000
Two One-Act Plays at Els Poblets   July 2000
A Bedfull of Foreigners Play October 2000
Babes in the Wood Pantomime January 2001
Stepping Out Play May 2001
Opera Gala 2001 with Viva la Opera May 2001
Stepping Out Repeat November 2001
Puss in Boots Pantomime January 2002
Our Move to Alcalalí
Cinderella Pantomime January 2004
The Farndale Murder Mystery Play June 2004
Mother Goose Pantomime January 2005
Caught in the Net Play October 2005
Treasure Island Pantomime January 2006
Laying the Ghost Play May 2006
Bazaar & Rummage Play October 2006
Sleeping Beauty Pantomime January 2007
The Farndale "A Christmas Carol" Play October 2007
Red Riding Hood Pantomime January 2008
Nails for the Carpenter Play March 2008
Dad's Army Play May 2008
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pantomime January 2009
A Tomb with a View Play October 2009
Beauty and the Beast Pantomime January 2010
Cash on Delivery Play May 2010
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Pantomime January 2011
A State of Affairs Play October 2011
Jack & The Beanstalk 2012 Pantomime January 2012
Sand Castles Play May 2012
The Importance of Being Earnest Play October 2012
The Wizard of Oz Pantomime January 2013
Old Time Music Hall Music October 2013
Dick Whittington And His Cat Pantomime January 2014
Old Time Music Hall (Calpe) Music March 2014
Kindly Keep It Covered Comedy May 2014
Lest We Forget Music October 2014
Alice In Wonderland Pantomime January 2015
An Inspector Calls Play May 2015
Busgy Malone Musical Play October 2015
Aladdin Pantomime January 2016
After A Fashion Review May 2016
The Full Monty Play October 2016
Pinocchio Pantomime January 2017
'Allo 'Allo Comedy May 2017
Robin Hood Pantomime January 2018
Are You Being Served Comedy May 2018
The Lion King Musical May 2018
Dirty Dusting Play October 2018
Robinson Crusoe Pantomime January 2019


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